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Yakuza 6’s Clan Creator is Straight Fire

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Yakuza 6 Clan Creator tips

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is a remarkable game with visceral and smooth combat, a rich story, and incredible mini games. King among them is Clan Creator, a real-time strategy game where Kiryu wages gang warfare across Onomichi and Kamurocho. It comes with a major storyline to get lost in, a lot of depth of combat to explore, and acts as a great way to earn money for the main game.

The Six Lunatics of JUSTIS

When Kiryu arrives back in Kamurocho, he immediately gets back into the thick of things. His adoptive daughter is involved in a car crash, he meets her son for the first time, and he gets caught up in a turf war with the Tojo Clan and Saio Triad. To make matters more complicated, the leaders of the street gang JUSTIS, Okada and Komei, approach him with some tough talk.

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator tips

Okada, the Rainmaker is out here.

This doesn’t matter much until Kiryu travels to Onomichi, where he encounters a man getting beaten by thugs. Kiryu, a man of strong will and a defined sense of justice, stands up to these thugs and beats them in a way only he knows how. Joe, the victim of the beatdown, turns out to be one of the founders of JUSTIS. He left because he disagreed with Okada’s tactics, and the thugs are JUSTIS members targeting him for leaving. Knowing JUSTIS won’t stop, Joe asks Kiryu to help him put ah end to them.

Finding a kindred spirit in Joe and despising the actions of Okada’s men, Kiryu agrees to form a clan with Joe and take the fight to JUSTIS. Learning that Joe is back in the picture, Okada and Komei put a plan into action to crush the Kiryu Clan. They will stop at nothing to make their plan a success, sending the strength of the Six Lunatics (famous wrestlers from New Japan Pro-Wrestling) at Kiryu and Joe.

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator tips

Tranquilo! Chill out, man!

To stem the tide of JUSTIS, Kiryu must recruit powerful allies across Onomichi to bolster and use them to take down the Six Lunatics. By fighting their way up the food chain, Kiryu and Joe will finally stop Okada, but the truth of JUSTIS’ change may be more than they expected.

Events and Online Raids

Besides the story missions where the Kiryu Clan systemically takes down each pillar of JUSTIS, there is added replay value with Clan Creator’s online mode. There are a few ways to test your clan’s might online: raids and events.

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Raids allow you to challenge random players or friends’ Defense Forces online to see how your clans stack up in battle. Compete in casual raids in three random matches or in ranked raids against the top 10 competitors. In active battle, you fight against all six leaders of an opposing clan at once and manage your force against their defense force.

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator tips

Actual combat can be chaotic at times, but a lot of fun.

A major component of this is the ability to set up your clan’s defense force with leaders of your choosing. This gives you the opportunity to rank up your clan while playing the main game. It also adds strategy as to where you place leaders and what bonuses they enjoy as they defend.

The other side is Events, which are special battles against the computer that earn you money and increase your Clan ranking. The major push of Events is the daily missions that give you a nice boost for winning. There hasn’t been a ton of special event missions prior to release, but one super tough mission against six powerful leaders and a stacked fight against six NJPW wrestlers at once were real challenges.

It’ll be interesting to see how Clan Creator’s online component takes off once the world at large gets their hands on Yakuza 6 and builds their own Defense Forces.

Recruiting Around Onomichi

A major component of Clan Creator involves recruiting other leaders to your cause. Doing so gives you stronger leaders to build up and improves your strike team. To beat JUSTIS, you’ll need many more leaders by your side.

By roaming around Onomichi, you’ll run into tough foes minding their own business, but they are eager to take on Kiryu. Initiating a conversation will prompt these enemies to fight Kiryu one on one. Beating them in combat like only the Dragon of Dojima can will recruit them to the clan.

Yakuza 6 Clan Creator tips

What a weirdo.

While these leaders may seemingly pale in comparison to story and special code earned leaders, they do have some useful skills. For example, Samurai has the Essence or Grand Army skill. This allows you to halve the summoning cost in battle, giving you an opportunity to rush quickly with your leaders and overwhelm the competition.

The other way to gain powerful allies is by completing story missions. Beating each of the Six Lunatics in both Clan combat and one-on-one combat at the end of their mission arcs recruits them to your side. It is exciting to roll into battle with Naito, Tanahashi and the Rainmaker as part of your strike team.

Even playing Clan Creator without special codes, you can create a formidable clan through normal story recruiting.

Clan Juicing

Where’s the fun in spending hours recruiting random leaders across Onomichi, though (a joke because it is a lot of fun)? If you’re ready to get some special, powerful leaders off the bat, Sega has been looking out for you.

Leading up to Yakuza 6’s release, Sega has been releasing codes for Clan Creator across different channels. To this point, 33 have been made available.

Those looking to get a little boost for their clan can add classic Yakuza characters, Yakuza 6 characters and NJPW wrestlers. This isn’t all of them, but thanks to Aaron Cherney and Danny van Lujin on Facebook, here are some codes to use in the game — all have been tested to work in game:

  • T2omq7fm5kbjpour
  • HeaintNoJoeShmoe
  • MasterofDropkick
  • 00IshiiDriller00
  • FirebirdSplasher
  • ShibataGotoSleep
  • ELingobernable00
  • RainmakerMrOkada
  • MisterTokyoDome0
  • 0Banshee0Muzzle0
  • TheSupernovaRana
  • BinwanProducer00
  • the6thheadofTojo
  • Detectivemandate
  • Mystrymansatsuki
  • Nagatalocknagata

Talking to Masao will prompt you to enter codes.

Be Hyped!

The Yakuza series has a knack for creating deep, engrossing mini games with charming storylines. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life’s Clan Creator may stand as the greatest in the series history.

Whether you’re playing it straight by recruiting leaders around Onomichi or stacking the deck with special codes to get immediate access to NJPW wrestlers or classic Yakuza characters, there is a lot to love in Clan Creator.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life releases on PlayStation 4 April 17.


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