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World Tekken Federation to be Free at Launch

/ Sep 8th, 2012 No Comments

World Tekken Federation
World Tekken Federation

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 comes out on September 11 and you will be amongst the fans picking it up, right? No?! If you are planning on buying the game at all, consider the breakthrough bonuses Namco is providing for first day buyers. The online service the developer is launching alongside the game will be completely free.

World Tekken Federation (abbreviate to WTF, not to be confused with a certain vulgarity!) is a premium online service that can be compared to Call of Duty: Elite and Capcom’s just announced service, WTF syncs with a PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account, allowing players to keep track of all their fighting stats online.

And when I say “all fighting stats,” I mean ALL. Developers of the new Tekken title have gone to great lengths to make sure WTF will be the most detailed and useful tool for gamers. A first for the fighting genre, the World Tekken Federation will display a player’s win-loss records, best matches, high punches, low punches, and so much more. With all of that information, it is easy for players to check on their gameplay to analyze their styles and where they can improve. These stats will be updated in real time and displayed worldwide to compare with others.

Along with stats, there are online challenges that will be announced each week. Unique challenges will make gamers complete tasks such as getting a certain number of juggles in a match. Once achieved, a player will win points they can use in an online store. There will also be online matches where you can challenge a player from around the world to improve your world ranking.

A nifty add-on for WTF users is a practice mode that takes place as a player is waiting for a match to load. Instead of waiting idly on a loading screen, you will be able to spar with a dummy player to sharpen up your combo and juggling skills.[adsense250itp]

This is Tekken Tag Tournament, which means team work is important. So, it goes without saying that teams will have to work together in the World Tekken Federation. There is a team leader, who will have the sole authority to add and remove teammates, choose the team emblem, and customize the team profile. The team profile will include stats for each member of the team, breaking down victories and losses in a ranking system after each team match.

There is still more to offer from WTF, and its showing no bounds for the first social online experience in the fighting genre. Players will be able to expand on their gameplay exponentially, not only with friends, but with fellow fans from around the world. So don’t hesitate on picking up a copy if your friends are not, or even if you are a beginner at the game. With the stats available, you can match yourself to someone of the same skill level and progress from there. You’ll be a Tekken champ in no time!

Jessica Flores

Jessica Flores

Although graduated from UC Irvine in Criminology, Law and Society, Jessica enjoys video games and strives to pursue the industry through writing and reporting. Some of her favorite games are action/adventure, first person shooters and RPG's.
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