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World of WarCraft – MoP Update 5.2 Trailer Released

/ Mar 5th, 2013 No Comments


Mists of Pandaria, the highly successful expansion for World of WarCraft, will be seeing a major content update in the form of version 5.2, dubbed ‘Rise of the Thunder King’ and made available to subscribers in the near future. To give fans of the wildly popular MMORPG a taste of things to come, Blizzard Entertainment released the official trailer for The Thunder King.

The new update sees the release of the first major PvE and Raid content patch for Mists of Pandaria. There will be a new island, named the Isle of the Thunder King, which will be the central area to a new quest hub. In addition to the new areas, PvE elements and Raid, there will be tweaks made to various elements of the game, such as the incentives given to 25-player raid participation.

[adsense336itp]A new item level tier of gear, named Thunderforged, will become available and is not unique to 25-man raids but will drop more often within that game mode.

If you haven’t read it already, be sure to read Ethan Smith’s World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Rise of the Thunder King Preview.

Breaking Down the Trailer

The trailer is 2 minutes and 41 seconds long and starts off with a voiceover informing the viewer that in dark and mournful times of old, an ancient evil gripped the land. Once, a monster named ‘Lei Shen’ was The Thunder King. He ruled Pandaria and any that were brave enough to stand in his way would be cut down under his army’s wrath. Referred to as the “iron tyrant” he is first seen for a few brief seconds armed with what appears to be a magic-infused chain whip.

The Thunder King lived in a grand palace, protected by giant walls, built off the backs of enslaved Pandaren. Eventually, as all mortals do, The Thunder King Lei Shen died and was laid to rest by his vast army. After a brief look at the funeral for The Thunder King, we overhear what is undeniably the voice of a Troll in a psuedo-Jamaican accent. It appears that a troll tribe has stolen the dead body of Lei Shen and resurrected him for some sinister purpose. The narrator then states that “He has awakened,” with the scene cut to an army on the march featuring a giant armored triceratops and some other armored behemoth creature.

At this point, heroes from both factions of the World of WarCraft universe are seen raiding the giant palace, with cut-scenes spliced in of what appears to be various boss monsters in the Raid, including what looks to be a giant “thunder infused giant troll” and various mega-sized monstrosities.

“Gather heroes, sound the drums, the Thunder King Comes… the Thunder Kings comes,” ends the video with the final Patch 5.2 logo fading to black.

Overall, another great trailer fueled by actual gameplay is released by the World of WarCraft team. At this point, MMORPG fans can consider Patch 5.2 eagerly anticipated by the PC gaming community!

Watch the Trailer for The Thunder King

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