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Will Rock PC

/ Jun 9th, 2003 No Comments

Oh dear. Remember Serious Sam? Brilliant little game it was, I take great pride in saying I finished it without a single cheat, hoards of bad guys not seen since the days of Doom. It was simple, no messing around gameplay where you were challenged to take on hundreds of bad-guys at a time as well as possibly the most amazing end-game boss ever.

It was tongue in cheek fun; many called it an engine looking for a game, but it was just a fun one-off. Serious Sam 2 didn’t fare too well…the formulae wasn’t really deep enough to work again and no-one was too bothered. So…why was Will Rock made exactly?

Just about everything Serious Sam did Will Rock thinks he can do better, only he doesn’t, he does it slightly worse. So, so much is copied…the ‘comedy’ name, the historical setting – Sam has ancient Egypt, Will has ancient Greece, the full-on chaotic gameplay… I was really looking forward to Will Rock too, I enjoyed Serious Sam and wanted to see what Will Rock could improve on it, but instead of improvements you merely get imitation.

From the beginning things are set to tongue in cheek as the title screen features a very badly lip-synced skull singing a song by Twisted Sister – ‘I wanna rock… (ROCK!)’ – sings the skull. Its actually quite funny and easily the best bit of the game! The plot of the game is set out through some cartoon stills, some silliness about Will being a archeologist, given powers by Prometheus, on a mission to save a girl called Emma from Zeus in ancient Greece. All fairly skippable stuff as all you do once you begin is shoot, collect keys and hit switches.

It’s just all so un-necessary, the technology is on a par with Serious Sam, a two-year old game and at times it doesn’t even look as good. Creatures explode in a pile of block-like gibs and are animated somewhat woodenly, the worst is the blood on Will – when you get hit or kill something close up your weapon and hands get spattered with blood and it looks awful, just a big red mass that looks totally out of place covers everything up. On the plus side though there are some very nice textures on the games environments. Ancient Greece does look kinda similar to Ancient Egypt though…enhancing the feeling that you are playing Serious Sam again.

Will Rock is a very tough game as well, the first few levels certainly have given me great difficulty at points with some very fast, strong enemies to deal with…so if you really want a challenge then you might be able to squeeze some satisfaction out of this.

Sigh…I have barely got the energy to tell you anything else really…Will Rock is just so formulaic, bland, simplistic and un-original…it could easily have just been a Serious Sam mod. Leave it on the shelf is my advice.

A Weak Handle! The Final Word: Serious Sam says ‘Will Rock Stole My Gimmick!’, as for Duke Nukem, he must be spinning in his grave. Will Rock is simply no good.


Jamie Wharton

Jamie Wharton

Jamie Wharton was based out of Europe before disappearing off the face of the Earth. His contributions in the early days of Gaming Illustrated's history, however, shall never be forgotten.
Jamie Wharton

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