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Why are Gamers Looked Down On?

/ Sep 9th, 2002 No Comments

Now I don’t want to be irrational here, but I’m downright tired of being given abuse simply because I am a gamer. I’m sure every serious gamer right now is nodding there heads right now. We’ve all felt it. A girl asks you what your hobbies are, and when you mention games they all look at blankly, as if you just asked her to take her clothes off. Or how about educators and their opinions on gaming? You’d think my teacher thought I was a serial killer when I mentioned I played violent video games. Heck, I’ll even go as far as to say pretty much every non-gamer looks down upon gamers.

But why are we looked down upon? I think one reason is that video games are still being viewed as kids’ toys. You’d think that buy now that people would get it. I mean come on, when the PS2 came out you couldn’t watch the news for ten minutes without seeing a news story on its launch. And whenever they did run those stories, they almost always showed footage of older teenagers and adults camping outside of gaming stores. Despite this though, the common public still sees games as children’s toys.

Another reason I think we gamers are looked down upon, is because people see games as brainless. If this is true why aren’t books or movies are seen as brainless? Simple, they aren’t, and neither are video games. Video games do the exact same thing books and movies do, and that’s telling a story. Sure there are a few brainless games, but then again anyone whose seen XXX can tell you its plot isn’t the best one out there (was there one in between all the cool stunts?) Books are no different, as for well-done Stephen King novel there’s another dumb, busting at the seems with gore horror story. In fact, video games may even do a better job at explaining a story, as your merely an observer in books and movies, while you are the actual person in video games.

Or maybe it’s because the only gamer the normal public sees isn’t a gamer at all. I’ll use an example: Just a week or two ago I was at Target, browsing the electronics department (my sister was clothes shopping, and I needed something to do.) While I was there I watched as two kids walked in, about ten years old each. Immediately upon entry of the electronics the two of them started talking some of the nastiest smack I’ve ever heard, I mean we’re talking George Carlin bad here. Every cuss word in the dictionary flew about that electronics store like a case of Budweiser does at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The other customers, stared in aghast at these two children, as each kid injected F word after F word into his sentences in a vain attempt to make himself look cooler. Then, at the end of it all, the two made there way over to the video game section, and picked up a couple of games to entertain them while they weren’t using their foul-mouths. Right there, every other customer had made up their mind about gamers, and had put some serious doubts into mine.

Whatever the reason is we are looked down upon, the fact is, we are. My personal opinion is that gamers as a whole shouldn’t really care about the opinions of other narrow-minded people. Unfortunately, if we all adapted that opinion gaming would likely never reach the mainstream status of movies. As such, I think we all should just try to make an attempt to make gamers look more intelligent, maybe just by silencing a few kids like those listed above.

Will Fairway

Will Fairway

Will Fairway is literally the most exciting and electric person to have ever lived, period.

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