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What to Expect from RBI Baseball 14

/ Feb 26th, 2014 1 Comment

RBI Baseball 14

[adsense250itp]When Take Two announced the company ended a partnership with MLB, it was widely expected that MLB 14 The Show would be the only licensed MLB product to take the field on consoles in 2014. That is until MLB Advanced Media unexpectedly announced RBI Baseball 14 for next-gen consoles and mobile devices last month.

Since the announcement, details have been scarce. With MLB spring training games getting underway and the regular season just around the corner, RBI Baseball still has a vague release window of “Spring 2014” and no screenshots or further information has been announced.

MLB Striking Out on Xbox

When EA Sports struck an exclusive rights deal with the NFL in 2005, Take Two responded by acquiring the exclusive third-party rights to MLB. Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony would all be alllowed to produce their own MLB titles for their consoles but it marked the end of EA’s MVP Baseball series. PlayStation owners were awarded with Sony’s MLB The Show series, but Microsoft left Xbox users with no options outside of Take Two’s MLB 2K franchise.

MLB 2K13

The MLB 2K franchise has taken its last at bat.

Last year’s MLB 2K13 was the last iteration of the series. The franchise had continuously left players disappointed but MLB 2K13 was merely a phoned-in roster update of MLB 2K12. The cancellation of the franchise opened the door for RBI Baseball 14, a revival of a long-dormant series developed by MLB AM.

What Type of Game is RBI Baseball?

There are many questions surrounding RBI Baseball 14 that have yet to be answered. It is easy to assume the game will be a straight simulation title. However, Sony has advertised MLB 14 The Show as the only simulation title available for next-gen consoles. Additionally, it would take a huge development process to create a full sim.

MLB 14 The Show

Will RBI Baseball 14 compete with MLB 14 The Show?

It is likely that RBI Baseball 14 will be a stripped-down sim made available as a downloadable title. A sim with a lack of features would allow MLB AM to build a foundation for the future of the franchise. RBI Baseball 14 could also be an arcade title that makes baseball more accessible to all types of players.

RBI Baseball’s Special Relationship with MLB

Because RBI Baseball 14 is being developed by MLB AM, the game has the advantage of a direct relationship with MLB. What that means, if anything, remains to be seen. In order to be successful in its first year, RBI Baseball 14 needs to expose this distinct advantage.

Legendary players or rosters, ties to fantasy baseball, regularly updated lineups and storylines, and accurate minor league players are all ways that RBI Baseball 14 can stand out from its competition. If the game fails to generate interest, it will wind up ignored in the same way recent iterations of the MLB 2K franchise were.

Will RBI Baseball Be a Home Run?

With the MLB season on the horizon, there have been no screenshots or further details regarding RBI Baseball 14. In fact, it is unlikely the game will release in time for the season’s first pitch. Since the game’s announcement, MLB AM has failed to generate consumer interest in the game.


MLB AM’s Home Run Derby game for mobile devices.

MLB AM is not a video game developer. The company most notably runs the official websites for MLB and all 30 MLB teams and created the MLB At Bat app. MLB AM also worked with developers to create mobile games including MLB Ballpark Empire and Home Run Derby.

The future of MLB-licensed third-party support is still up in the air. RBI Baseball 14 will play an important role in showcasing baseball’s appeal amongst gamers. It is clear that MLB had to produce their own product because no established company was willing to enter the market. Whether that changes in the future will be dependant on the success of RBI Baseball 14.


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One response to “What to Expect from RBI Baseball 14”

  1. dw says:

    i don’t understand how you can make a game. & not talk about what will be in the game. & hold it or this info to your self….this is the same thing nbalive did. & they are not doing so well. & what sucks is that nba2k for ps4 is the worse basketball game i have played. programers don’t care any more. this is why madden,fifa & the show will be the best sports games on the planet. because the department heads of these franchises know & understand what a good product is & love the idea of having a brand not a cash cow……recap NBA2K smarting up. you guys are slipping when it comes to your game. RBI PUT UP OR STAY OFF THE BLOCK!!!

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