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Watch Dogs 2 Preview: Hack Francisco

/ Jun 15th, 2016 No Comments

Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass

Ubisoft used this year’s E3 as a major platform to reveal Watch Dogs 2. What’s known about the upcoming game has been mostly revealed through several trailers showing off gameplay footage.

Like the impression left at E3 2012 by its predecessor, Watch Dogs 2 isn’t shy about its goal of raising the bar for open-world adventures once again.

New City, Old Threat

The trailers for the game show Watch Dogs 2 to be a sequel to the first, but it will not necessarily be a direct sequel. Instead of being set in Chicago, Watch Dogs 2 is heading west to the California city of San Francisco.

Players will control a brand new protagonist: Marcus Holloway. Marcus, a hacker and member of the rebellious Dedsec, finds himself on the run after being framed by the ctOS surveillance system that’s become fully implemented in his city. Falsely connected to a crime he never committed, Holloway is forced into hiding.

Vowing to fight against what he realizes is a corrupt technology, Holloway must build up support against ctOS while simultaneously trying to clear his name by using his expert hacking skills, as well as growing the ranks of Deadsec by winning over new followers.

New and Improved

Watch Dogs 2, like any good sequel, aims to expand upon the formula used in the first game and vastly improve upon it. Ubisoft Montreal has already revealed a great deal of information as to how this sequel aims to improve upon the previous title.

For instance, driving has undergone a massive overhaul due to the mixed reception of the mechanic from the first game. Developers at Ubisoft placed greater emphasis on making driving easier, more accessible and overall more fun.

If driving isn’t your preference, Marcus can explore San Francisco with style while on foot thanks to a parkour system. Depending on the environment and obstacles he encounters, Holloway adapts accordingly to maneuver through the city.

If you meet up with a short fence, Holloway will leap over it with standard parkour flair. Fall off a roof and Holloway endeavors to do his best to make sure he lands safely.

However players choose to travel, the game’s developers aimed to make exploring the bigger and more meticulously recreated city of San Francisco a more rewarding experience than the Chicago setting of the first Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs 2

You can’t hack humans in the game, but you can beat the stuffing out of them.

As in the first game, players can expect to fight with both guns and fists. The latter especially benefits from vast improvements. The melee system has been revamped to make combat flow better, smoother and easier.

Players can use a special melee weapon designed by Holloway: the thunderball. Don’t be fooled by its cheap looks as players who master the weapon can overcome enemies with ease in whatever style of combat they choose, whether aggressively, stealthily or somewhere in between.

Hack More

The biggest changes affects the most integral part of the game: hacking. In addition to the city allowing more hacking opportunities, players can now hack on the go while riding vehicles.

Don’t want to drive cars? Well, you can hack them instead and drive them remotely. This enables more ways to complete objectives and missions, such as programming cars to run down your enemies while hiding out of sight.

Players will also be given their own personal flying drone. This too can be used to hack and control objects as Holloway flies it. It’s also an invaluable means to scout locations and distract enemies.

But players must use it properly due to its extreme vulnerability. If it should be taken down by enemies or neglect, players will have to endure a waiting period before it can be reconstructed.

Hack Together

The multiplayer mode featured in the first game makes a grand return. Though gamers can choose to fight against each other, this time a brand new cooperative mode encourages players to work together to fight ctOS.

Players can now meet online to work together to complete campaign missions. As communication is key to completing the mission, an emoticon system has been implemented, allowing characters to communicate with each other using basic gestures.

Unlike the first game, which was initially given no definitive release date, Watch Dogs 2 has officially been set for release on Nov. 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Hopefully, this time the gaming public won’t have to deal with any long delays long before it can bring down ctOS.


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