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Wasteland Now on

/ Nov 13th, 2013 No Comments


Wasteland, the predecessor to the Fallout game series, is now available for purchase from GOG. The post-apocalyptic RPG, not available since its initial 1988 release, will be sold at a permanent price of $5.99.

To be consistent with GOG’s popular distribution policy of having all games on the site be free of digital copy protection, the release is totally free of DRM. Furthermore, it is bundled with PDF versions of the original manual, reference card, the Wasteland Survival guide and a sheet of paragraphs with written events the game will prompt you to read at specific moments. Music heard during gameplay and exclusive artwork from upcoming sequel Wasteland 2 are also included.

The release is also enhanced thanks to the efforts of its current copyright owners inExile Entertainment. The GOG release of Wasteland has a new enhanced mode that improves the visuals, new music tracks and a new voice-over track that reads out paragraphs during gameplay. The game can also be played in classic mode that preserves the feel of the original.

First published in 1988 by Electronic Arts and Developed by Interplay Productions for the Commodore 64, Apple II and DOS, Wasteland is set in the future of 2087. A nuclear war in the year 1998 between the United States and the Soviet Union resulted in America to be in ruins. Now home to immoral criminals and horrifying mutants, life is a constant struggle to survive for the few innocent people remaining.

Players create and control a party of up to four characters of Desert Rangers. Tasked with upholding order in the post-apocalyptic America, players are sent to investigate disturbances at a nearby settlement, the journey will eventually come across a sinister plot to annihilate the remnants of humankind.

[adsense250itp]Wasteland is famous as  one of the first RPGs with an open-world format, unique turn-based combat and having consequences for your actions. It is better known for  influencing the atmosphere and formula of the later developed Fallout games, which were made as a result of being unable to acquire the copyright to the name and setting from Electronic Arts. inExile Entertainment recently acquired full control of the copyright to Wasteland and has re-released it primarily to promote its upcoming sequel Wasteland 2.

inExile Entertainment has announced that a version of Wasteland will be available on Steam. No release date has been confirmed for when it will be added to the catalog.

Jonathan Anson

Jonathan Anson

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