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Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Review (Spoilers)

/ Apr 3rd, 2013 1 Comment

Walking Dead

Andrea from the Walking Dead.

On Sunday, fans said goodbye to the Walking Dead… For 5 months. Its season finale wrapped up in what many could say was a misplaced order at a restaurant, the person wanted Spaghetti, but instead they got a club sandwich. It was not as bad as they expected when they broke down the ingredients. For those that have not watched the finale yet, be warned that spoilers are immediately ahead.

Oh Andrea..

Let’s get to the meat of things, the series lost Andrea, many are happy with this. I on the other hand am a little humbled and upset by the loss, but we can get to that later. She was the civil rights lawyer that did not know how to negotiate. The girl who wanted to kill herself at the end of season 1 but was talked out of it thanks to Dale.  She almost aided in the suicide of Beth in season 2, did not know how to fire a weapon until Shane helped her midway through season 2, could not survive on her own without Michoone , and then turned her back on her for the Governor.

[adsense250itp]In her final episode, her death kind of reflected everything she had been through in the series. Trapped in a room on her own with no help vs. a walker, she was not able to help herself. There was a lot to hate about Andrea,  but she was one of the few characters that has been given the chance to grow and adjust to the new world around her. To a certain degree, she was able to mold it and make it work in her favor, such as her influence on the Governor, usually in the bedroom. Ultimately though we lost one of original group members, and as this series continues and Rick’s group comprises of more new school than old school characters, it makes you reflect on the first season and how far they have come.

Woodbury Raid: That’s One Bad PUG

Walking Dead

Woodbury Raid LF1M Need heals!!

What fans were most cheated on was the fight itself. There was all this buildup and anticipation of this great fight at the end of the season. It had people asking who are we going to lose? Is the Governation (I like to call him that) and Rick going to duke it out in the end? Will Rick get the final word and kill the Governor? We got none of that, instead we got a slightly more violent version of that scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The one where King Arthur and his men rush the French occupied castle only to be thwarted by incoming livestock, fruits and vegetables. The only thing missing from the fight was the Governor yelling “Run Away” as they fled the prison.  That huge duct tape army the Governor had put together, defeated by a couple of explosive devices (I didn’t know if they were grenades or bottle rockets) and a dozen rounds from Glenn and Maggie in full riot gear. That’s it! It was an Army of 30 plus vs. 2. Vegas would have gone nuts if there was a line on that match up  It was like a bad PUG in World of Warcraft, you came for one boss and one item and you could not get past the first wave of trash mobs. Insert vent rage, people being un-friended and a ton of bitching and moaning.

After the fight, the remaining Woodbury residents turn on the Governor saying they want no part of his mission, biters yes, people no.  To which, the Governor wastes all of them in a hail of gun fire only leaving Martinez and the guy, I think looks like former Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, looking on in dismay. At the same time, one of the most shocking moments soon followed. They got back in the truck with the Governor right after that. Why? I could understand before, while the rest of the town was still under his influence, but they are gone now. Who are you worried about?  Why get back in the truck with him knowing full well he could do the same thing to them at any point. How funny would it have been if Martinez just took his gun, split the Governors dome, dropped it like a hot mic, doing his best Randy Watson impression saying at the same time, “ You know what, I’m out”. Or at least have one of them raise their gun to him only to have the Governor call their bluff and they resume their duty at the Governors side.  It would have been interesting if the director had opened up the possibility of either of those to two to show some form of growth at that moment. I know, you cannot do that, the Governor is not supposed to go out that way, it is not fitting. If this was a real world situation, that should have been the final straw for Martinez and Shumpert.

Shane 2.0

Carl and Rick

Carl and Rick

He’s taken a while to upload due to slow loading times and bugs, but we’re getting close to ending the beta and seeing him in his final form in Carl.  This season we have seen him do a complete 180 from that kid who is constantly making mistakes, showing up where he is not supposed to be, always crying about something,  getting people in the group killed, too scared to shoot little punk that made him so unpopular early in the show;  to the self-confident, self-assured, shoot first ask questions later young man he is becoming. It is almost like watching Anakin turn into Darth Vader, only this time we have a good actor playing the part. And when I mean Darth Vader, I mean Shane 2.0.

Clearly, Shane is going to have a say in the group well after his death as his influence can be seen in the way Carl sees the world, and how he is reacting to it. It is unclear if Rick has seen this yet.  Our latest example is when Carl shoots that older teenager from the Woodbury raid. Herschel recounts it to Rick as if Carl shot an unarmed young man, who was turning in his gun. I do not see it this way, as this show has shown consistently from the bar incident with the guys from up north to Tomas in the prison; it is hard to blame Carl if he thought for half a second that young man might have had something up his sleeve.  Good job Carl.  However, we are starting to see parallels between Rick’s relationship with Carl and Shane forming. The question is how is it going to work out? Rick’s move to bring in the last Woodbury residents did not sit well with Carl, and he’s already asked Rick to step aside as leader before, all be it for more legit reasons then when Shane did, once you cross that line your bound to do it again

It is building towards an epic moment that may not happen for a while, but could be one that could cost either their life, who knows. There can only be one rooster per hen house and we saw that with Rick and Shane already.

Final thought

Season 3 was a very entertaining season, probably the best when it is all said and done.  Final body count, almost a dozen significant/relevant characters died this season. 4 from the original cast. Only 4 remain from the original season 1 group, and we are down to our last female member.  The season took a much darker turn due to the prison atmosphere, the introduction of the Governor and the group learning even more that it is the living you need to fear not the dead. You know their motives, but not the people you meet in the streets anymore. In order to earn anyone’s trust in this world, it is earned in spades, it is not given anymore.  There was no tease in what to expect in season 4 like at the end of season 2 to set up the prison. Rick and Carl do not see eye to eye, the Governor is joy riding with Martinez and Ed Reed for all we know, that is about it. What I want to see is a restocking of characters next season. New relationships need to be made and new problems need to arise that group learns to cope with.  See you in September.

Carl Armstrong

Carl Armstrong

Associate Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Carl Armstrong has been with GI for over four years, serving as a review writer, on-site reporter and Associate Editor. He's worked as an award winning radio show producer for The Mighty 1090 sports station, Xtrasports 1360 and was the executive technical director for the San Diego Chargers radio network from 2008-2012.

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