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Wacked Xbox

/ Apr 4th, 2002 No Comments

You’re the next victim- i mean er-contestant in the xbox’s newest installment by microsoft and presto studios called “Wacked!” . This game takes a different approach to your normal party games that you may come to love such as Mario Party or Fusion Frenzy. This is more like Mario Party meets Married with Children, with swearing, nudity, and antics that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Gamers initially get to choose from four contestants, a brashed mouthed rabbit named lucky- who sounds like a aussie rugby player pissed about losing his last game. Lucy- a raunchy tantalizing contestant who has two censor bars over her jugs n what not. Toof- This alien lookin thing that looks like something straight out of monsters inc. Eugene- a howard the duck impersonating contestand with his own smack to back it up. Each character is unique, yet they all basically play the same when its game time.

The gameplay is unique yet becomes repetitive real quick. Your mission is simple – compete for a prize that you have no clue about so you have to beat other contestants – according to your host Van-tastic a elvis looking high spirited lil chum. You get to choose which game you want to play by going behind the set and picking either door number one, two etc. Each door having three different games but you have to play them in order. These games vary from taking other contestants stars, (as a result of shooting them with a rocket launcher or just smacking them with your baseball bat) killing chickens, smear the queer, or king of the hill.

One glich here is when you’re actually playing it’s tough to find other players on the screen as they are all of the sudden the result of the honey i shrunk the contestants ray, which can be annoying if you have to find the first place contestant and frag him real quick before he runs away with the win. Also the new levels are long and tough to come by, you have to invest some time in order to unlock them so you have to get used to playing different games in the same level for a bit, but if you invest your time you can even unlock the kitchen sink (yes they threw everything that in this title). Players get weapons to wipe out your opponents, not too many at the start but soon you can unlock more and then sometimes you can use combinations of certain weapons which can motivate some people to keep playing.

The presentation can use a little work, the graphics are great but seem drawn out through long and somewhat boring cut scenes in the beginning with introductions, bad commercials from make believe sponsors, and camera angles that made me dizzy as my character rampaged through the game with his axe in his hand, though some of you may like this. One thing that did have me laughing is that each character has its own personality and that comes to play especially with they are killed. Lucy could yell out ” owww. it hurts so good” in a tantalizing way while Lucky will yell out and get bleeped out more then the worst guests on Jerry Springer, or Charity will just yell out “Bitch” when she dies.

In the end though you will feel like this game left out a few things like a racing mini-game, or something like a flying dog fighting mini-game. This can leave this game with more room for improvement, but in the mean time there were no tremendous problems with this game. A decent title that should be fun to play come time for XBox Live to be launched.

Dan Culver

Dan Culver

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Dan Culver is a long time behind-the-scenes contributor to Gaming Illustrated and has mastered the art of dying in Diablo II beyond all belief.
Dan Culver

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