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Treasure Stack Review: Free Fallin’

/ Mar 8th, 2019 No Comments

Treasure Stack Review

Many puzzle games are built around the idea of careful and precise stacking of falling bric a brac — Tetris, Puzzle Fighter, Puyo Puyo. The strategy is dropping these pieces into an order that allows you to clear rows or clusters to maximize your score and reduce junk. The majority of gameplay then becomes managing and organizing. But what if you could control where you lay the bric a brac and reorganize it?

Treasure Stack retains the classic falling debris formula. This means you’ll get the joy of organizing the game’s falling, color-coded chests. While most similar puzzle games give you the option of rotating the blocks to better fit your rows or stacks, Treasure Stack turns that concept on its head. This isn’t purely a puzzle games, it is also a platformer.

Constructing and Deconstructing

Before we get to the platforming of it all, let’s discuss a little bit about how chests fall in Treasure Stack. In every match you play, there are six rows and two chests fall in each row at regular intervals. Unlike other puzzle games, you don’t choose where these two chests fall. The chest will land straight down. Your job is to prevent the stacks of each rows from hitting the top.

If you can’t move the chests themselves, how do you avoid having them hit the top? That’s where the platforming aspect comes into play. Before each match, you select your character (purely cosmetic) and a weapon, which aids in managing and rearranging the chests.

Treasure Stack Review
Treasure Stack has a learning curve to pick up, but it worth keep with it.

By using your weapon, you can pull down whatever chests are falling at the moment. This lets you quickly grab and arrange falling chests. While it is one thing to arrange incoming chests, what makes Treasure Stack unique is the ability to grab individual or stacks of chests and rearrange them how you want at anytime … as long as you can get near them.

The ability to freely move chests even when you’ve placed them is where much of the strategy comes into place. It is also where you get deeper insight into the platforming aspects of the game. Since you can move and jump around the screen, your stacks act as platforms.

It is easy to find yourself in a jam when you make your stacks uneven. There are some workarounds when you get stuck — i.e. lifting a whole stack and dropping it for better jumping height and clearing individual blocks to build level platforms — but these come at the expense of time, which is extremely valuable.

Not only do you need to be strategic about your chest placement for the platforming aspects of the game, but you need to be thinking ahead to how you coordinate your chests. How you stack and organize the chests will determine how easily you can clear junk, build combos and increase your score.

Treasure Stack Review
Online multiplayer has competitive seasons.

Unlike Tetris or Puyo Puyo, you can’t clear chests by creating a full row or matching four of the same color. Clearing chests and creating combos is more like Puzzle Fighter. Along with falling chests, there are color-coded keys that fall. By connecting these with any number of chests, you’ll clear them. Any junk touching cleared chests will also be cleared.

There is a lot to take in when you’re first starting out in Treasure Stack. The unique gameplay twists aren’t too unfamiliar if you’re a seasoned fan of similar puzzle games, but there is a learning curve. Finding a strategy that works for you takes time.

At first, you’ll get use to ensuring you have easy access to platforming, while also keeping up with the pace of gameplay. Once you get the basics down, you’ll start devising more complex strategies, like cascading clears or managing massive chests to clear.

Treasure Stack Review
You have a lot to worry about to keep yourself in the game.

Combos in Treasure Stack work a little different than in other games. In Treasure Stack, you can create up to a five times multiplier for clearing chests. This is independent of chest clear size, so even clearing a single chest will increase your combo multiplier. However, it is important to capitalize on a high combo multiplier by clearing large sections of chests.

Whether you’re playing single-player or multiplayer, your score is important. There is a rather deep leveling system to Treasure Stack. Your end score increases your level, and for each level increase, you’ll be rewarded with either a new player skin or a new weapon. It certainly behooves you to go for the highest score possible because there is a ton of content to unlock.

While there are specific strategies you’ll devise to get the hang of the game, those can change and vary greatly when you get into the multiplayer. When going up against friends or competing in the competitive multiplayer season, it becomes obvious that you might have to change your playstyle. Devising a multiplayer strategy and improvising takes your game to the next level.


Treasure Stack is sure to be your new puzzle game obsession. It has such an addictive quality to it that you can’t help wanting to play one or 10 more matches. The unique twists on the traditional falling stuff gameplay are a welcome change of pace. They keep you wanting to dig deeper into the game.

Treasure Stack was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by the developer.



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