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Toshiba Gaming Laptop Interview

/ May 21st, 2012 No Comments

Toshiba Gaming Laptop
Toshiba Gaming Laptop

Toshiba Gaming Laptop

Toshiba isn’t necessarily synonimous with gaming, but the folks behind some of the most popular lines of notebooks are trying to change that perception. With the advent of 3D Gaming, Toshiba is on the bleeding edge of this technology thanks to their industry leading screen design. We met up with Everett Leiben from Toshiba and talked with him about gaming laptops produced by Toshiba and the future of 3D Gaming technology.

GI: Sean Gibson, I’m with Everett Leiben, and can you tell us what you do with Toshiba?

EL: I’m a Product Trainer for Televisions and Notebook Computers.

GI: Can you talk about what Toshiba’s doing in the gaming space specifically with 3D?

EL: Well, right now what we’re showing here today is our Qosmio X775 Active 3D PC. You also see a big giant screen here which is our 55” Passive 3D television. What we have here is we have them connected via HDMI cable, and as we all know that active technology on your notebook computer is a one-on-one experience. So what we’re doing is we’re outing that 3D video signal or 3D game out via HDMI to our passive 55” television, and what this enables you to do is everybody can see what you’re doing in 3D on your notebook computer using the passive technology on a big screen. So any 3D games that are out there currently using the NVIDIA drivers or NVIDIA 3D Vision will run on this notebook computer and you can also put that up on your big screen television as well.

GI: I’ve always been a big believer, and I know I might confiding in the wrong person about this, but I don’t think 3D technology with the glasses right now is going to be adopted in the home. What I just saw over on the side is that without the glasses it looked pretty good, but I always thought that the gamers would be the first ones to adopt this.

EL: I’d have to agree with you regarding that. This television here has been available for probably about a year now and we gear this TV towards the gamer. And not only can you connect your gaming notebook computer such as the Qosmio X775 but your Xbox 360, your PS3. Regarding the unit, as long as an HDMI signal is sent to this particular television you’re getting passive technology on the unit, and 3D is widely adopted especially in the console gaming market as well, yeah.

GI: Yeah, right – with the PS3 you hook it in and there’s 3D right there.

EL: Absolutely, absolutely.

GI: So the Qosmio laptop line, I’ve always admired it – it’s a gorgeous design. And I’m looking at what really stands out in the specs on this one that we have right in front of us – the X775 – is the 120hz widescreen display.

Qosmio X775

Qosmio X775

EL: You’re correct, and when you look at an active 3D notebook computer you have to have a 120hz screen for that refresh rate. So when you look at that screen it’s a beautiful screen, and everything moves very fluidly on that particular screen. So yeah, that 120hz, definitely you’ll find that on a 3D active notebook computer.

GI: And it looks like you’ve partnered with people like Harman Kardon, you’ve got the NVIDIA technology – just it looks like if you’re a gamer and you want that portable desktop experience, this is the line you should be going with.

EL: Absolutely. This is more of a desktop replacement than anything else. Yes, you can take it with you but it is a heavier unit. But you’re correct in terms of the NVIDIA 3D Vision, NVIDIA dedicated GTX 560 graphics card. There’s 1.5 GB of video RAM on the unit. You’re also looking at Harman Kardon stereo speakers built into the unit. There’s a subwoofer at the bottom of the unit as well that’s going to give you fantastic sound out of the unit as well.

GI: Nice!

EL: As you can see it’s got a backlit keyboard, bright red so it’s got that gamer feel to the notebook computer.

GI: A final question here: Toshiba is renowned for their quality and there’s a lot of brand loyalty in the consumer market. What would you like to say to the gamers that are loyal to the Toshiba brand?

EL: You know what? We have our Qosmios, keep looking out for our new Qosmios that are coming out. We’re always launching new product and right now this product is currently available, and go out and get one. It’s a fantastic unit and it runs games beautifully, especially in 3D.

GI: Awesome, thanks a lot.

EL: Thank you.

Sean W. Gibson

Sean W. Gibson

Founder, Featured Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Sean Gibson has been the owner and Executive Editor of Gaming Illustrated for over eleven years. His roles include acting as CEO and President of Gaming Illustrated, LLC and also includes being a reviewer, previewer and interviewer. Sean's opinions on this site do not reflect those of his full-time employer.
Sean W. Gibson
Sean W. Gibson

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