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Torchlight 2 Preview | Gaming Illustrated

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Torchlight 2 Preview

/ Sep 12th, 2012 3 Comments

Torchlight 2 is almost here. Runic Games announced earlier this month the action RPG (ARPG) would launch September 20 for PC.

Torchlight 2

Original Torchlight fans have much to look forward to in this anticipated sequel thanks to new multiplayer features, magical loot, quests, monsters, and a rich story. More importantly, Torchlight 2 will operate on a new and improved user interface designed to assist new players in acclimating to gameplay.

Heroes of the first Torchlight must once again secure the fate of civilization. Although previous champions defeated Ordrak and stifled his influence on the world, Ordrak’s evil echo remains a threatening force. Ordrak’s essence has been stolen and someone is using his power to disrupt the balance of the six elements. In order to prevent another calamity, the brave souls of Torchlight must commence their quest to uncover the thief behind Ordrak’s essence and cleanse the world of his blight once and for all.

Torchlight 2 offers a more expansive world than its predecessor. From Estherian Steppes to the Mana Wastes, developers have announced more towns, ruins, caves, dungeons, supernatural realms, and outdoor areas for players and parties to explore. New weather features including snow and rain and time-of-day events have been added to enhance the quality of gameplay as well.

In addition, level randomization will help assist in guaranteeing new loot, layouts, and monsters every time you play. Torchlight 2’s official website offers a sneak peak into places including the Beast Warrens, the Stygian Aerie Approach, and the Widowmaker Woods. Each danger-ridden region of Torchlight 2 will offer its own set of unique and challenging enemies.

Sturmbeornen are bear-men who raid and plunder in order to support their primitive culture. They are a formidable foe likely to exhaust player skill and strategy. Varkolyn are a racist, barbaric lot who wage war with all who cross their path. Dwarven enemies are either Dwarven machines or undead Dwarves, reanimated by the corrupt Ember that the race once desperately coveted. Another sneak peak creature released by Runic Games are the Ezrohir. The Ezrohir are a vengeful, Ember-dependent faction who seek revenge on those who banished them to the Mana Wastes long ago.[adsense250itp]

In order to best combat Torchlight 2’s challengers, four distinct character classes will be available in this ARPG. The Outlander, Embermage, Berserker, and Engineer will be the classes offered in Torchlight 2. The Outlander is described as a gunslinger with some secret weapons and may best cater to players who prefer ranged combat. The Embermage is an academic who is entrusted by the Empire to be a front-line spellcaster. The Beserker is described as a savage, a two-fisted barbarian who is likely to satisfy close range combat lovers. Last but not least is the Engineer, who Runic Games decribes as “the ironclad powerhouse of the Imperial frontier!”

Each character has signature attire and weaponry and players can choose between the male and female genders. Cosmetic customization is also available to help your character stand out among other heroes. Torchlight 2 offers a more impressive skill trees for the classes. Skills can be passive skills, assistance skills, or award players upgrades like improved range and effect duration. As players progress through the game and increase in levels, skills compliment one another and combine to create an intimidating power. For some informative skill photos, check out this page on Runic Games’ fansite.

Torchlight 2

Arguably the most anticipated feature of Torchlight 2 is the cooperative mode. This upcoming ARPG will offer a multiplayer option that allows gamers to play with friends via LAN or over the Internet for free. Runic Games has reported that there will be no subscriptions and no items sales for online play.

Torchlight 2 will have a free matchmaking service that enables players to team up with new friends and begin new games or join existing games with old pals. There will still be the offline single-player mode for those who prefer to lone-wolf Torchlight 2. Whenever you finally dominate the primary campaign, the New Game Plus feature will let you restart the game with your skill-loaded character. New Game Plus lets your character keep all their skill, gold, and gear and beckons you to try Torchlight 2 again with more difficult enemies and gameplay.

Some other features that may energize new and old fans are the TorchEd editing system and improved pets and fishing features. TorchEd is the Torchlight 2 editor that enables players to build their own mods. Players can design mods with more content and make the mod available for friends to download and play cooperatively.

Pets and fishing will be making a comeback in Torchlight 2. These popular activities have been improved upon with better effects and more choices. Pets will still be available to carry your loot to town and sell it, too.

Visit to read more or pre-order your copy today and check below to watch Runic Games’ official Torchlight 2 trailer.

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

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Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray

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