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Top 5 Ways Call of Duty Can Advance into the Future

/ Jun 21st, 2016 No Comments

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

I asked a question last year that has once again become relevant: When does the warfare become too advanced in Call of Duty? With the announcement of Infinity Ward‘s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, we are seeing an influx of negative feedback, the likes of which have never been seen before by a Call of Duty developer. With its absolute insistence on continuing to plug away into the future, we thought we’d lend a hand to Activision with our own ideas for future (and futuristic) installments of the series.

1. Call of Duty: Ghost Dads

The multiplayer mostly involves one team trying to slip things into people's drinks while another team defends.

The multiplayer mostly involves one team trying to slip things into people’s drinks while the other team defends.

This one will be a sequel to Infinity Ward’s last offering, Call of Duty: Ghosts and contain elements of the 1990 cinematic masterpiece starring Bill Cosby. Like Cosby in the movie, your player will be invisible in the light, providing serious stealth action. The final boss will be you trying to defeat criminal charges. Surely, this will be the sleeper of the year…

2. Call of Duty: End of Time

It's like looking into the souls of the 2016 presidential candidates, right?

It’s like looking into the souls of the 2016 presidential candidates, right?

This is another one that will require very little developmental ingenuity. At the end of time, there will be nothing. No matter. No space. Complete nothingness. So, we simply need a game where you are taken to a black screen to just sit there. Of course you still have to include voice chat so the requisite cyber bullying can occur.

3. Call of Duty: Demolition Man

Here's your cover.

Here’s your cover.

You’re going to need the three seashells for this idea because it’s the sh*t (see the movie if you want to get that incredible reference). Have you ever wanted to engage in futuristic combat with John Spartan… not to be confused with Halo’s Master Chief… who is a Spartan… whose name is John… in a game about futuristic combat? Still an incredibly original idea!

4. Call of Duty: Titanfall 2

When Titanfall 2 is released, it's sure to be the best futuristic Call of Duty yet!

When Titanfall 2 is released, it’s sure to be the best futuristic Call of Duty yet!

There’s a logical path here. Rehire the guys that you fired for wanting to make a futuristic version of Call of Duty, and… uh… have them make a futuristic version of Call of Duty. Then fire them from their own project again. Cash your check.

5. Call of Duty: Star Warfare

This is what I imagine some of the characters in this game might look like.

This is what I imagine some of the characters in this game might look like.

I almost hesitated when putting this one on here because it’s such a good idea that I don’t want anyone stealing it. First of all, you create this evil empire. They’ll be the bad guys. Then you will have a rebel alliance. They’ll be the good guys. Love interests will find out they’re brother and sister, enemies will find out they’re father and son, and cuddly-looking teddy bears will help brutalize the empire to help the rebels secure victory. All rights reserved.

Final Take

Okay, maybe Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 ended up being a fun game (with an excellent review from Gaming Illustrated), but you have to think, at some point, we have to stop going forward in time with these concepts lest you completely lose the soul of the franchise.

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