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Top 5 Beginner Builds in Path of Exile

/ Feb 26th, 2013 1 Comment

Path of Exile
Path of Exile

Path of Exile

Path of Exile has received plenty of critical acclaim, thus it has seen a huge rise in popularity. However, as its popularity rises, as does the amount of people frustrated that their build didn’t work out the way they had planned. This can turn potential players off of Path of Exile, before they even reach the fun of it. These people don’t even scratch the surface of this amazingly deep and complex game. In light of this, I’ve decided to put together a list of the Top 5 builds for new players. These players are either very loose with their gear requirements, or play very straightforward. (For those that haven’t checked out the early beta preview or the more recent preview of Path of Exile, here is your chance).

5. 2h Mace Blood Magic Maurader

[adsense250itp]To start this Top 5 off, we’ll look into the 2h Blood Magic Maurader created by NinjaArabStrategist. This build is perfect for the kind of player that prefers playing barbarians and other crazy folk wielding huge two-handed maces. This build is incredibly straightforward, and very easy to pick up. It revolves around 5 key skill gems: Ground Slam, Sweep, Leap Slam, Heavy Strike and Enduring Cry. The kicker? The build only implements 3 of them: Heavy Strike, Enduring Cry and a choice of either Sweep, Ground Slam or Leap Slam. This gives newer players a choice to use whatever skill they find “cooler”. Furthermore, all of the required skill gems come exclusively from leveling a Maurader, which means the player doesn’t have to worry about trading or farming up currency. Lastly, this build utilizes the keystone Blood Magic. This keystone removes the mana pool, and causes abilities to draw on the health pool instead. This helps newer players learn how to manage their resources, without having to juggle two different stats and two different resources. If  anyone is looking for an “in your face” melee build, this is the build to try.

4. ZiggyD’s Pure Evasion Ice Shot Ranger

Next up, we have a build for those who prefer to watch things die from a good safe distance. This build was created by youtuber ZiggyD, and was featured in his “Build of the Week” series as Week 3. This build plays like a standard archer build; with a slight twist. It takes a previously unpopular skill; Ice Shot, and centers itself around it. ZiggyD uses two Ice Shot gems, with linked supports for both single target and AoE.

A Ranger freezing a living statue

A Ranger freezing a living statue

Unfortunately, this build does require that the player level a second ranger passed the Glyph quest in Act I in order to obtain a second Ice Shot gem. Ice Shot is a high damage spell with a freezing/chilling effect, which easily lets players kite mobs around. This makes it ideal for players with no gear or experience, as it is literally point and shoot. It also employs evasion, which can help players learn to manage their health. With this build, it is almost impossible to be hit two times in a row by the same mob, which gives the player ample time to recover their health. The only real problem with this build, is that it uses the Enfeeble curse, which is not a quest reward to the Ranger. However, this curse is used in the later difficulties and shouldn’t be too hard to trade for.

3. Double Ice Spear, Double Totem Witch

Now a build for those who enjoy sitting back and collecting loot. This build was created by user hypershatter, and focuses on using two Spell Totem gems linked to Ice Spear to decimate enemies from total safety. The player gets the keystone Ancestral Bond, which removes the player’s ability to deal damage with spells directly, but allows them to place two totems down. This allows for people on lower end machines to clear harder content without fear of dying due to lag. The biggest problem with this build is that it doesn’t get off the ground until later in the game, however, once it does get off the ground it is devastating. The only other issue is that it relies on either the Lesser Multiple Projectile or Greater Multiple Projectile skill gems, which are not quest rewards for Witches. However the build does get off the ground later in the game, which gives the player a bit of time to either find one of these gems on their own; or amass the currency to trade for it.

2. The Templar God Build

This is the build to play if someone prefers to play tankier characters. This build focuses not around a specific set of skill gems, but around the Templar’s innate tankiness. This build is nearly unkillable in solo play, and can withstand hordes of enemies. It incorporates two skill gems: Lightning Strike and Glacial Hammer, both of which come from the Templar’s quest rewards. It also incorporates the keystone Blood Magic. Like the Marauder build, it helps players learn how to manage their resources by reducing the amount of resources they need to worry about to one. This build is also incredibly gear independent, which makes progressing as a new player very easy.

1. Etheral Knives/Eldritch Battery Shadow

A Shadow shows some bandits his knife collection.

A Shadow shows some bandits his knife collection.

This build is hands down the best build for a new player to pick up. It’s created by Shadow expert Invalesco, and was built around having no gear or currency to use. It employs two major skills: Ethereal Knives and Bear Trap. Both of these gems are available from the Shadow’s quest rewards. This build plays like a caster build, with the player standing around the outside firing his knives into the enemies, but gives the feeling of a dagger wielding rogue. It is very gear independent, and it is built around solo play. Mechanically it is also very easy to play, with very little micro managing or accuracy required. Ethereal Knives is simply point and click.

There you have it, the Top 5 Beginner Build. Each one plays differently than the other, but they are all relatively easy to play and enjoy. Now I wish you the best of luck in the world of Wraeclast!

(All build information can be found at the forum of the official Path of Exile website).

Alec Levine

Alec Levine

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Alec Levine

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