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The Sims 3: Supernatural

/ Aug 22nd, 2012 No Comments

The Sims

The Sims

The Sims 3, the third rendition of one of the most popular reality simulators, is releasing its newest expansion pack this September titled Supernatural, and players can expect a healthy dose of fresh characters and items even Agent Mulder would have a hard time rationalizing. So, puppet masters, it’s that time again. Time to raise your mice high in the air and wreak unspeakable havoc (or joy) on simulated families and neighborhoods everywhere.

In this installment of The Sims, unsuspecting Sims will be able to explore the mysterious town of Moonlight Falls, a place where enchantment and terror intertwine on every street. Tired of being a police officer and/or tattoo artist? Sick of making award-winning key lime pies? Why not be a witch or wizard and spend your days brewing potions and casting spells on all your neighbors? Nothing sames bedlam and mayhem like a few love hexes.

If the dark arts aren’t your thing, Maxis has promised more “intriguing” vampires, and Sims now have the option to become werewolves and fairies, giving them access to a whole range of special abilities. For players with a more destructive appetite, Sims can also now be “zombified,” and while there’s no word if brain-munching is an executable action, Sims will be able to stumble around mindlessly and moan. Of course, because there’s more to life than being undead, when Sims want to change back, characters need only to drink a potion. Other add-ons include Bonehilda, an NPC from The Sims: Makin’ Magic, who makes a return as a skeletal maid, and two new personality traits: Supernatural Fan and Supernatural Skeptic.

A new career mode gives Sims the chance to channel their inner psychic and start their own fortune-telling business, and as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Supernatural comes with a whole host of enchanted and Gothic-designed objects for in and out of your simulated house. The highlights include a sliding bookcase that adds new meaning to “slipping out the back door,” and mystical objects like magic mirrors that give your Sims a chance to gussy up in style. For the aspiring Samantha Stephens of the Sims’ world, feel free to jet around town on a broomstick or by joining a gypsy caravan.

The game will come in three editions: regular, limited, and an Origin edition. Certain perks will come to those die-hard fans who pre-order the limited edition: Plants vs. Zombies-themed items including a working Peashooter (which chases away burglars, or worse, repo men), a newspaper zombie suit (modeled after the character in PvZ), and cone and bucket hats. Those who pre-order the game from Origin will also be rewarded with an exclusive Plants Vs. Zombies set that includes a plantern lamp and a wall-nut, zombie gnome, and a brains flag sculpture. Once the game has been released, players may register their version to receive a Plants Vs. Zombies poster and t-shirt to keep their Sims promoting in style.

Supernatural hits North American stores on September 4th.

Becca Gray

Becca Gray

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Becca Gray

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