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The Secret World Celebrates Halloween with New Content

/ Sep 27th, 2012 No Comments

The Secret World

It’s been only a week since Funcom released its second major update to The Secret World. Issue #2: Digging Deeper debuted last week. Not one to waste time in procrastinating, the Norweigan game developer has activated another update for the game entitled Issue #3: The Cat God.

Unlike the last update which focused mainly on adding and expanding on the game, this update has been specifically tailored to mark the upcoming Halloween season. New content in this update includes costumes, monsters, locations, pets and other surprises all made to celebrate this spooky time of year.

But, more importantly, the update will be the first time the game attempts a major story-based seasonal event. This year the event will involve a brand new creature known only as the Cat God. Players will contend and directly confront this devious foe in a series of new missions. They will be activated by a special phone call from an ally in the game when it is close to Halloween.

[adsense250itp]The seasonal updates will not remain online for long. Halloween themed contentwill remain active from October until the first week of November. After this they will be gone.

Not all the content is Halloween based though. Other additions include a brand new action mission with the participation of the werewolf, Traian. It will involve attempting to instigate a conflict between vampires and werewolves with the resulting chaos used to take down enemy commanders.

For the inquisitive adventurers, there is a new investigation mission. The mission, called The Binding, takes place in Egypt with its objective to discover more about the Seven Sentinels. This investigation, as Funcom promises, will be “one of the most challenging and extensive in The Secret World and will offer even the most hardened puzzle solvers a run for their money.”

A new set of missions have been added to the game’s many lairs which is a part of Funcom’s ongoing effort to continually update them. The developer have also said that several more updates to lairs are planned in the near future.

The Secret World by Funcom

Funcom’s has also stated that they will eventually be adding even more outfits in the coming weeks and will soon be adding a new pet that will, of all things, wear a jetpack. Given the swiftness and dedication Funcom has put into ensuring their MMORPG remains constantly updated users will likely not have to wait long for this and other content.

Anyone who desires to know in detail the new features and the changes introduced in this update can read about them at its official webpage.

Jonathan Anson

Jonathan Anson

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