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The Lazy Barbarian’s Way to Get Rich in Diablo 3

/ Sep 25th, 2012 No Comments

Diablo 3

Diablo 3

Diablo 3

With Diablo 3 on the precipice of releasing Patch 1.0.5 and it hovering over Diablo 3 players looming in the distance, Whirlwind Barbarians are getting beaten with the nerf bat. The reign of Diablo 3’s top farmer is coming to a close. However do not treat it as a funeral for Whirlwind Barbs, but as a last hoorah. Before Patch 1.0.5 destroys the Whirlwind Barb, make sure you get yourself rich so you can finance your new spec or character.

The build being referenced can be seen here.

To begin, there are several benchmarks you need to hit. You need about 25k dps, 750 all resists, and 1200 Life on Hit. Additionally, you want critical hit chance on your rings, gloves, and amulet. You also want a dagger with high life on hit, a socket and critical hit damage for your offhand. Due to the way Whirlwind calculates it’s damage, your main hand weapon is the only weapon that needs high damage, you just need a fast offhand “stat stick.”

[adsense250itp]Once you hit these benchmarks you want to set your difficulty to Inferno, and clear your way to the end of the Act 3 quest “Heart of Sin.” Once you get the checkpoint right beside Azmodan’s portal, leave the game and hit resume game. From there you want to run back from that checkpoint, hit the waypoint and teleport to the Tower of the Damned Floor 1. From there clear the entire floor, and take the teleporter to Arreat Crater 2. From there clear it to the Tower of the Cursed. Take the waypoint to Rakkis crossing. Clear back through the Fields of Slaughter to The Bridge of Korsikk. Take the waypoint from there to the Keep Depths 1, and head down to the Keep Depths 2. Clear that floor and you’re done. Be sure that you slay everything between each waypoint.

Now you may be asking yourself, how is this the lazy way to get rich? Well, as you perfect the run, and up your gear levels; you’ll be able to make this entire run in less than 20 minutes! During this run, you clear a lot of elite packs, maximizing your chances of finding a high leveled Legendary. Additionally, this run is very efficient for farming XP. By running this path, you maximize your loot chances and your XP. As your paragon level rises, you’ll see better loot making this run even more efficient. Once you find one or two really good items, sell them for millions, and reinvest some of that gold back into your gear you’ll be making gold hand over fist. Before you know it, you’ll be rich! Just make sure to farm as much as humanly possible before the Whirlwind barb gets completely destroyed in patch 1.0.5.

Alec Levine

Alec Levine

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Alec is an avid PC gamer who has been gaming for over 15 years. In addition to playing RTS, MOBAs and RPGs, he enjoys annoying his girlfriend and chasing neighborhood cats.
Alec Levine
Alec Levine

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