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The Current Climate for Real Money Poker in the USA | Gaming Illustrated

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The Current Climate for Real Money Poker in the USA

/ Jun 26th, 2013 No Comments

For poker players looking for real money action in the United States, there’s finally some good news. People living in Nevada and in New Jersey have the option to play at licensed real money poker sites thanks to legislation that makes the activity legal. Other states, such as California, are currently debating the topic with positive momentum pointing things in the right direction for players after years of wallowing in legal purgatory. At this point in 2013, real money poker in the United States is alive and well, even if you live outside of those specific states where laws have already been passed.

At this point in time, a large majority of people that follow the legal climate agree that most federal and state laws rule against the receipt of poker payments by payment processors and banks. They do not rule against the individual poker player. Note that if you really want to understand the legal atmosphere in your state, consult a lawyer and don’t rely solely on advice you read on websites. So for states where there is not a law expressly forbidding online poker (like Washington), many are enjoying the game just fine. Informative poker information sites such as outline more of the legal climate and rank sites based on many different researched factors.

There are many sites recommended where to play if you live within the United States. Clearly, if you are in a place like Washington, just don’t do it. That said, there are plenty of sites operating within the United States that have been doing quite well over the last few years, even in light of the Black Friday disaster.

Some of the most popular sites include Bovada, Sportsbook and CarbonPoker. For those of you just diving into any of these sites, make sure to take advantage of the lucrative bonuses offered, ranging from 25% all the way up to 200% of your initial bonus. If you are worried about the level of traffic at any of these sites, some of the more trafficked ones get over 2,000 players logged in simultaneously and the smallest ones get a respectable 700+ logging in during peak hours.

On top of the legal standing when evaluating your potential return to the tables, rely on sites like the one mentioned above to make sure you end up at the right site. Picking the wrong site could mean a disaster for your bankroll or your psyche. Any poker-specific ranking site should review a poker site’s terms and conditions, their customer service record, the promotions they run, the quality of the games offered and many other factors. Some sites just throw up a list of places to play, but a smart player would only take advice from a solid, respected source.

One of the most common questions is about deposits and withdrawals and that’s one of the most important factors about joining an online site so be sure to look into the site’s reputation as well. Even Wikipedia’s entry on online poker doesn’t provide much information on the subject so it’s important to do a lot of quality research before blindly diving in.

With all that said, joining the right site can be a heck of a lot of fun, even in the smaller climate 2013 has to offer for online poker. Plenty of sites, like Bovada, offer crazy guaranteed tournaments and many others listed do as well. There are still plenty of fish logging in to micro and small stakes games so grinders looking to establish a bankroll can parlay their bonus, plus the juicy tables, into a budding mid-stakes bankroll with a little determination and commitment to put in hands regularly.

If you are a poker player in the United States and haven’t returned to the tables since Black Friday, you might want to look at returning. The legal atmosphere is finally clearing up for the better and plenty of rooms are offering great action.

Patrick McVeigh
Pat McVeigh is a professional poker player based near our corporate headquarters of Las Vegas, Nevada. A high school baseball star, Pat holds a degree in political science and in his spare time enjoys sports video games.


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