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The 5 Easiest Teams to Win With in FIFA 13

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FIFA 13 is EA Sports latest entry in its best-selling series of soccer (better known as football to international readers) videogames. Long hailed as “the beautiful game”, soccer’s “beauty” is a lot easier to see when it is one’s own team that is winning. Such is the case in FIFA 13, where losing is incredibly frustrating and can bring out the worst in even the most level-headed of gamers. Winning in FIFA, as with any other sports game, is highly dependent upon the team one selects since not every team in real-life sports is equally talented. Want to be on the road towards winning more FIFA matches? Take a look at this list of the five easiest teams to win with in FIFA 13.

5. FC Bayern Munich

Why they’re easy to use: Bayern Munich features top-class talents at nearly every position, especially at the wing positions with Robben and Ribéry. Both have extremely high speed and ball control stats, making it easy for players to zip past most defenders. Having Gomez in the middle of the two wings as the striker gives Bayern Munich users a great target man to hit for crosses, which Robben and Ribéry also happen to excel at. Bayern Munich’s midfield of Schweinsteiger, Martínez, and Müller provides a great combination of defense and passing that makes it easy to keep possession of the ball. Lahm and Alaba serve as the fullbacks in Bayern Munich’s defensive line and do a solid job both supporting the attack and shoring up the defense (Lahm especially, as he is the highest rated right-back in the game). Bayern Munich’s two center-backs, Badstuber and Boateng, are very good at tackling and out-muscling opponents but are severely lacking in speed, which might leave the middle vulnerable to fast attackers. Fear not, however, as Bayern Munich’s goalkeeper, Neuer, is one of the top five keepers in the world and can often make incredible saves to keep the team in the game.

4. Manchester United

[adsense250itp]Why they’re easy to use: It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? Two of the best goalscorers in the Premier League, Rooney and van Persie, playing for the same team? Give either of the two an open chance to score, and the ball’s as good as in. Valencia and Young are ridiculously fast and can open up the defense for the two slower center attackers up front. Carrick and Scholes are serviceable midfielders with a great eye for passing opportunities. Manchester United has some very strong midfield and attacking substitution options as well in Kagawa, Nani, Hernández and Welbeck. Defensively, Manchester United has a sound back four, with Vidic (the highest rated center-back in the game) projecting his formidable defensive presence whenever an opponent gets into Manchester United’s defensive third of the pitch. Ferdinand and Evra are solid veterans at the center-back and left-back positions respectively, and while Rafael is easily the lowest-rated player in Manchester United’s starting 11, his speed and decent tackling and marking attributes make him a good (but not great) left-back. The goalkeeper position is a bit of an issue for Manchester United in real life and in FIFA 13. De Gea is young and still has a lot of room to grow, but his current stats in FIFA 13 really leave a lot to be desired. Lindegaard, De Gea’s backup, isn’t any better than De Gea in-game. As long as De Gea isn’t peppered with shots, Manchester United is a fairly easy team to play (and win) with.

3.Manchester City

Agüero dribbling, something you’ll see a lot of playing as Manchester City.

Why they’re easy to use: Manchester City’s biggest strength lies in their complete lack of an exploitable weakness. Four outstanding strikers make up Manchester City’s main attacking unit: Agüero, Tévez, Balotelli, and Džeko. While there’s no reason to play all four strikers at the same time, having such an incredible rotation of varied attackers makes scoring with Manchester City an immensely fun experience. Agüero’s dribbling, speed, and agility make him a superb option for skillfully maneuvering past defenders, while his fellow Argentinian, Tévez, has a great longshot and is usually in great positions to score. Balotelli’s considerable strength enables him to practically push weaker defenders out of the way for an open shot, and Džeko’s fantastic heading attributes make him a constant aerial threat. Nasri and Silva make up the attacking midfield unit and both are fast, agile, and able to pick out the right pass. Yaya Touré, Javi García, and Gareth Barry serve as Manchester City’s defensive midfielders, and all three of them have solid defensive attributes across the board, with Touré especially standing out as one of the best (if not the best) box-to-box midfielders in the Premier League. A fullback rotation of Maicon/Richards and Clichy/Kolarov gives Manchester City a strong wing presence in both attack and defense. Maicon has great all-around attributes, Richards possesses great heading and strength, Clichy has amazing speed, and Kolarov is one of the best freekick-takers in the game. Manchester City’s center-backs are nothing to sneeze at, either, with Kompany and Lescott providing robust defensive coverage down the middle. Joe Hart, the keeper for Manchester City, is also the keeper for England’s national squad…which should tell you enough about how good he is in FIFA 13 (hint: he’s very good).

2. FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid in El Clásico.

Why they’re easy to use: FC Barcelona has the highest overall ratings of any team in FIFA 13 (excluding the Classic XI team), making them a force to be reckoned with even at the highest stages of competition. Barcelona is absolutely stacked with talent at nearly every position, giving players a stats-wise advantage over most other teams. The highlight of the attacking unit is none other than Lionel Messi, whom many regard as the best player in the world today. His acceleration, ball control, dribbling, agility, and finishing are all world-class, making him a huge threat to sneak past defenders and score goals. David Villa is also an option as a striker or a winger, and while he isn’t anywhere near as quick as Messi is, his long shots and finishing are absolutely incredible. Iniesta, Pedro, and Sánchez provide even more attacking options for Barcelona, and the fact that they are all rated above 84 should give players a good idea of what to expect from these top-class players. Barcelona’s midfield consists of Xavi, Busquets, and Fábregas; Xavi and Fábregas are hands-down two of the best passers in the game, and Busquets does decent work as the lone defensive midfielder. The level of talent on Barcelona’s squad extends to the back four as well, with Alba, Piqué, Puyol, and Dani Alves taking up defensive duties. Alba and Dani Alves are pretty much perfect full-backs for those looking for easy wins, as their absolutely blistering pace means they can run down the fastest attackers as well as provide quite an attacking threat from the wings as well. Piqué and Puyol form the center-back unit of Barcelona, and both have amazing tackling and interception attributes to keep opponents from getting scoring opportunities. Barcelona’s goalkeeper, Victor Valdés, has a strong rating of 85 but seems to play at a much lower level than one might expect (perhaps mirroring his real-life performances?). Despite Valdés’ sometimes questionable keeping ability, Barcelona has more than enough talent elsewhere on the pitch to keep most opponents out of games.

1. Real Madrid

Why they’re easy to use: Real Madrid appears to be the most-chosen team in Head-to-Head Seasons and other online game modes, and it’s really not hard to see why. While Madrid’s overall ratings may be a bit lower Barcelona’s, there’s one player on Real Madrid’s squad that can decide games almost single-handedly: Cristiano Ronaldo. This guy is just too good in FIFA 13. Messi may be the best player in the world, but Ronaldo is hands-down the best player in FIFA. He’s one of the fastest players in the game, has enough strength to out-muscle most defenders, and his shots…oh, man. His shots are simply insane. With a long shot rating of 92 and a shot power rating of 94, Ronaldo can pelt in screamers from almost anywhere in the attacking third of the pitch. He’s practically unstoppable in the right hands, and even in the wrong hands Ronaldo is a frightening monster to try to defend against. What about the rest of Real Madrid? Yeah, they have the best goalkeeper in the game. And a top-five center-back in Sergio Ramos. And a lot of other very, very good players. But Real Madrid wouldn’t be the overpowered, ludicrously easy-to-win-with team that it is without their monster of a left-winger, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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James Ku

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