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Team Fortress 2 Pits Mann vs Machine

/ Aug 14th, 2012 No Comments

Giants from Mann vs Machine

Team Fortress 2 is finally getting a co-op mode. After years of rumors, the free-to-play first-person shooter is now getting an additional mode to go with the team deathmatch and capture the flag matches the game is famous for.

The Mann vs Machine update will be available for Team Fortress 2 tomorrow. The cooperative mode will pit gamers against lethal hordes of robots with the help of up to five friends.

Gray Mann has built an army in an effort to destroy all things Mann Co. The robotic hordes, modeled after Team Fortress 2 classes, are on a mission to deploy a bomb in one of Mann Co’s many strongholds.

Gamers will face special robots such as the Steel Gauntlet, Demoknight, Bowman, Minor League Scout, and Heavyweight Champ. Each has unique abilities and weaknesses and are protecting the regular robots.

Robot forces also include bomb carriers that get more powerful the longer they hold a bomb and Sentry Busters who aim to detect and destroy any sentry guns set up. Giants such as the Rapid Fire Soldier, Deflector Heavy and Super Scout will also be taking aim against Mann Co.

Brand new maps will be introduced to the game in accordance with Mann vs Machine. Players must band together to survive all of the robot waves in a variety of missions to earn loot and unlock new achievements. As usual, gamers will also be able to upgrade abilities and weapons along the way.

new map from Mann vs Machine update

Developer Valve, who have also created popular game franchises such as Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike, are already making updates to the popular shooter via Steam in anticipation of the August 15 release date. Key features and content for Mann vs Machine is being unveiled little by little leading up to the full release.

Team Fortress 2 is free to play for PC and Mac users and can be downloaded via Steam. Valve is expected to release more details about Mann vs Machine over the next few days. More information can be found at

Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

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