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PS4, Xbox One and Wii U: Next-Gen is the Same Old, Same Old

/ May 30th, 2013 The seventh generation of consoles was similar to an intense game of Monopoly. It was a game that spanned 1 comments continue reading >>

Nintendo, Wii U art thou?

/ May 28th, 2013 Cheesy headlines aside. It is time to revisit Nintendo‘s current position in the console generation now that Microsoft has 9 comments continue reading >>

Halo 5 on the Xbox One: What to Know and Expect

/ May 28th, 2013 Speculation has been swirling around Halo 5 since a February 2011 news segment displayed an “Inside Halo 5” placeholder graphic 18 comments continue reading >>

Xbox One Controller – Keeping It Simple

/ May 24th, 2013 Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One Tuesday and, along with it, the next generation of the Xbox controller. Lost amongst all the 0 comments continue reading >>

Xbox One Games

/ May 23rd, 2013 Xbox One Games are going to be on the bleeding edge of video game technology. While the hardware might 0 comments continue reading >>

Quantum Break: Next Game From Remedy Shown At Xbox One Event

/ May 22nd, 2013 Quantum Break, the next game from Remedy Entertainment was revealed at Microsoft’s Xbox One event. Remedy Entertainment is best 0 comments continue reading >>

EA Announces Ignite Engine Will Power All Sports Games

/ May 22nd, 2013 On the heels of the enormous Xbox One announcement from Microsoft, EA announced the new EA Sports Ignite game 0 comments continue reading >>

Call of Duty: Ghosts Appears at Xbox Reveal

/ May 21st, 2013 Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay and plot details were presented at the Xbox Reveal event. A new trailer for the 0 comments continue reading >>

Xbox Reveal Event Introduces New Xbox

/ May 21st, 2013 Xbox One was unveiled as the next-generation Xbox console at an event Tuesday on the Xbox campus in Redmond, Wash. 0 comments continue reading >>

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