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DICE+ Review

/ Nov 15th, 2013 Game Technologies first showed of DICE+ at Gamescom and has now made the gaming device available for purchase. The 0 comments continue reading >>

Apple’s iPad Mini is Winning But What’s Coming Next?

/ Apr 1st, 2013 In the war of the 7-inch tablets, there’s little doubt that Apple has manufactured a powerhouse in the iPad 0 comments continue reading >>

NVIDIA’s Project Shield: Yay or Nay?

/ Mar 11th, 2013 At CES earlier this year, NVIDIA announced a new gaming handset, Project Shield. Sporting a 5-inch screen, the new 2 comments continue reading >>

NVIDIA Discusses Tegra 4 and Mobile Gaming

/ Mar 8th, 2013 At the recent International CES in Las Vegas, Gaming Illustrated met with the folks from NVIDIA to discuss the 0 comments continue reading >>

Books And Graphic Novels On Your Android and Apple Tablets

/ Jan 14th, 2013 Reading Text and Graphic Novels on your Tablet One of the advantages of today’s tablets is the great quality 0 comments continue reading >>

‘Razer Edge’ Discussion with Razer Boss David Lim

/ Jan 9th, 2013 Razer is an innovator in the world of PC gaming peripherals and their not-so-secret tablet has been unveiled at 0 comments continue reading >>

ePillow Review

/ Dec 22nd, 2012 Many people who have tablet devices, such as an Apple iPad or other “large” size table have problems holding 0 comments continue reading >>

Google Nexus 10 Review

/ Nov 19th, 2012 Android tablets have advanced in leaps and bounds since their early years, and with the release of Google’s Nexus 7 comments continue reading >>

Marware Kindle HD Cases Review

/ Nov 17th, 2012 We’ve extensively covered the new Kindle HD from Amazon and for the most part, had nothing but positive things 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Surface Fails to Impress

/ Oct 30th, 2012 The Microsoft Surface is the latest gadget touted by Microsoft as they enter a marketplace that’s already saturated and 25 comments continue reading >>

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