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The 5 Best GTA V PC Mods

/ May 14th, 2015 For the PC gaming community, modding is a sacred institution. It allows resourceful gamers and wannabe developers to let their 1 comments continue reading >>

The Elder Scrolls Online (PC) Hands-On Preview

/ Feb 18th, 2014 The Elder Scrolls Online is an upcoming MMO based on Bethesda’s flagship fantasy action-RPG property. ZeniMax Online Studios serves 0 comments continue reading >>

The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date Announced

/ Dec 12th, 2013 The Elder Scrolls Online will release April 4 for PC and Mac, Bethesda and developer ZeniMax Online Studios announced. 0 comments continue reading >>

Skyrim Mage Armor

/ Aug 28th, 2013 Skyrim mage armor is one way to stay safe in the latest Elder Scrolls game, but how long has 1 comments continue reading >>

The Elder Scrolls Online Overview

/ Jul 15th, 2013 Imagine all the great aspects of the Elder Scrolls games, but this time playing with friends. The Elder Scrolls 0 comments continue reading >>

Fallout 4: Expectations and Possibilities

/ May 14th, 2013 With Bethesda finally wrapping up content for Skyrim, fans of Bethesda’s other popular sandbox RPG franchise might be wondering 3 comments continue reading >>

Skyrim Legendary Edition Announced

/ Apr 26th, 2013 Skyrim Legendary Edition will release June 4 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Bethesda announced. The Elder Scrolls 5: 0 comments continue reading >>

Will Skyrim Receive a “Game of the Year” Edition?

/ Apr 24th, 2013 From it’s release in November 2011 to today, millions have conquered countless quests and slain many a dragon in 0 comments continue reading >>

Skyrim Character Creation

/ Apr 21st, 2013 When gamers fire up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, they see an in-game cinematic sequence and are eventually posed 0 comments continue reading >>

The Evil Within Announced by Bethesda

/ Apr 19th, 2013 Bethesda announced a new survival horror game titled The Evil Within will release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC 0 comments continue reading >>

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