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Kyn Preview: Pre-E3 RPG

/ Jun 12th, 2015 With E3 literally around the corner, a number of games are making their names heard prior to the showcase. 0 comments continue reading >>

The Escapists (PC) Review

/ Feb 9th, 2015 Prison is almost exactly what you’d expect it to be, at least according to The Escapists. Developer Mouldy Toof 0 comments continue reading >>

Blackguards 2 (PC) Review

/ Jan 23rd, 2015 Blackguards 2 throws characters into the lives of a rag-tag band of fighters set on taking the throne of 0 comments continue reading >>

Fearless Fantasy (PC) Review

/ May 15th, 2014 Looking for bizarre turn-based combat? Well, Fearless Fantasy from publisher tinyBuild and developer Enter Skies is a possible solution 0 comments continue reading >>

Archangel (iOS) Review

/ Jan 30th, 2014 Unity Games, the publishing arm of the developers behind the popular Unity game engine, debuted the company’s first “core” 0 comments continue reading >>

Final Fantasy XIII Exclusive DLC Announced

/ Jan 23rd, 2014 Square Enix made multiple announcements this week about their upcoming title Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII). News for the game 0 comments continue reading >>

2013 RPG Game of the Year

/ Jan 22nd, 2014 It was an interesting year for role-playing games in 2013. For the first time in a while, the field 0 comments continue reading >>

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition (PC) Review

/ Dec 27th, 2013 For many gamers, Baldur’s Gate is where they found their start. That is why the release of Beamdog’s Baldur’s 0 comments continue reading >>

Wasteland Re-Release (PC) Review

/ Dec 3rd, 2013 The post-apocalyptic world has become a popular video game setting thanks almost entirely to the Fallout game franchise that 0 comments continue reading >>

Wasteland Now on

/ Nov 13th, 2013 Wasteland, the predecessor to the Fallout game series, is now available for purchase from GOG. The post-apocalyptic RPG, not 0 comments continue reading >>

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