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How GTA 5 Could Influence Red Dead Redemption 2

/ Apr 28th, 2017 With the impending release of Red Dead Redemption 2, fans are eager to soak up as much information about 0 comments continue reading >>

Rockstar Announces Video Editor for GTA V PC

/ Apr 13th, 2015 Rockstar Games released a new GTA V trailer introducing the Rockstar Editor, a new video editing suite that will 0 comments continue reading >>

GTA Online Heists Coming Early 2015

/ Dec 16th, 2014 Rockstar is finally making good on its promise to bring heists to GTA Online. In a new trailer, the 0 comments continue reading >>

Rockstar Details Bonus GTA 5 Content for Returning Players

/ Oct 28th, 2014 Rockstar Games is rewarding loyal Grand Theft Auto 5 players who purchase the game again on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC 0 comments continue reading >>

GTA Online Has The Need, The Need For Speed

/ Aug 24th, 2014 GTA Online now features a new Top Gun-themed flight school, complete with a variety of missions to test the 0 comments continue reading >>

GTA Online Independence Day Special Available Now

/ Jul 2nd, 2014 Rockstar Games is giving players a reason to jump into GTA Online this week. The Independence Day Special DLC is now available to download 0 comments continue reading >>

GTA Online Spring Updates to Add Heists

/ Apr 3rd, 2014 Rockstar Games provided details on the upcoming updates coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this spring. GTA Online‘s spring updates will 0 comments continue reading >>

Update On The Way For GTAV Online

/ Nov 2nd, 2013 Rockstar Games announced that update 1.05 will be available sometime next week for Grand Theft Auto V online. The 0 comments continue reading >>

Rockstar Releases GTA 5 Online Update For PS3

/ Oct 5th, 2013 Plagued by issues since it’s release on Tuesday, GTA 5 Online will automatically update on the PS3 when gamers 0 comments continue reading >>

New GTA Online Details Revealed by Rockstar Games

/ Sep 26th, 2013 With less than a week before the launch of GTA Online on Oct. 1, Rockstar Games revealed some new information 0 comments continue reading >>

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