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Tao Feng Xbox Review

/ May 25th, 2003 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus is a blend of fighting realism and over-the-top special effects for the XBox 0 comments continue reading >>


/ May 25th, 2003 I hope Planetside is not a sign of things to come, with so many MMORPG’s on the horizon, Star 0 comments continue reading >>

Pirates of the Caribbean Xbox

/ May 23rd, 2003 Being an Orange County California native, part of the childhood experience included the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at 0 comments continue reading >>

Rise of Nations

/ May 20th, 2003 Microsoft’s BIG GAME STUDIO has really hit a home run with the release this week of Rise of Nations. 0 comments continue reading >>

Mafia Review

/ May 15th, 2003 The Mafia is cool – really, really cool. I will try to avoid as many clichéd catchphrases in this 0 comments continue reading >>

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

/ May 13th, 2003 Now this is a series that has come a long way, I remember the original GTA being unveiled and 0 comments continue reading >>

Emperor: Battle for Dune Review

/ May 13th, 2003 Westwood Studios faced a dilemma when developing ‘Emperor: Battle for Dune’ that many companies face. Will this game be 0 comments continue reading >>

The Hunt for Red October Review

/ May 8th, 2003 This is an absolutely first-rate movie. All collections must include the first Tom Clancey novel that launched not only 0 comments continue reading >>

Unreal 2 PC Review

/ Apr 27th, 2003 Ok, let’s get one thing straight from the very beginning, if you have been listening to some of the 0 comments continue reading >>

Postal 2

/ Apr 15th, 2003 Maybe people are growing up a bit; there will always be a minority of blind, head-in-the-sand idiots who believe 0 comments continue reading >>

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