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Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided

/ Jun 26th, 2003 Well here we are, it’s finally here boys n’ girls! 500,000 people were logged into the Star Wars Galaxies 0 comments continue reading >>

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II

/ Jun 25th, 2003 Despite the game’s actual cliffhanger ending, Dark Alliance II comes as a final ending to one of the most 0 comments continue reading >>

XFX MACH-4 (KT400-ALH) Motherboard Review

/ Jun 10th, 2003 A new entry into the motherboard market comes from PINE Industries. PINE has an excellent track record with video 0 comments continue reading >>

Will Rock PC

/ Jun 9th, 2003 Oh dear. Remember Serious Sam? Brilliant little game it was, I take great pride in saying I finished it 0 comments continue reading >>

The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon Review

/ Jun 3rd, 2003 Morrowind. No game yet has equaled its combination of immersive first person graphics and free-roaming game play that keeps 0 comments continue reading >>

GigaByte GA-8PE800 Ultra Motherboard Review

/ Jun 2nd, 2003 More and more we’re seeing motherboard manufacturers revamping and re-releasing 800mhz FSB Intel 845PE motherboards to hold us upgrade 0 comments continue reading >>

Brute Force Xbox

/ May 27th, 2003 One of the more touted and delayed XBox games in history finally gets released in the form of Brute 0 comments continue reading >>

Tao Feng Xbox Review

/ May 25th, 2003 Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus is a blend of fighting realism and over-the-top special effects for the XBox 0 comments continue reading >>


/ May 25th, 2003 I hope Planetside is not a sign of things to come, with so many MMORPG’s on the horizon, Star 0 comments continue reading >>

Pirates of the Caribbean Xbox

/ May 23rd, 2003 Being an Orange County California native, part of the childhood experience included the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at 0 comments continue reading >>

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