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Sparklite Preview: A Link to Roguelites

/ Oct 26th, 2018 The roguelite genre has become to indie games what open-world games once were for AAA developers. They have grown 0 comments continue reading >>

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Preview: Building Manager

/ Oct 25th, 2018 Simulation games are all about building things, but not necessarily about the buildings. What if a simulation game took 0 comments continue reading >>

Soundfall Preview: Sonic Boogaloo

/ Oct 9th, 2018 Whether it is the latest game in a long-running series or a brand new franchise with a cool concept 0 comments continue reading >>

Killer Queen Black Preview: Queen Back

/ Sep 20th, 2018 If you already know about Killer Queen then you’re ahead of the curve. The game has been making a 0 comments continue reading >>

GRIS Preview: Take My Breath Away

/ Sep 18th, 2018 GRIS was only announced a few weeks before PAX West. All I knew about the game came from its 0 comments continue reading >>

Gato Roboto Preview: Faster, Kittycat, Missile Missile

/ Sep 13th, 2018 Gato Roboto isn’t the name of a cool sci-if themed Chicano Japanese fusion punk band. It is a game 0 comments continue reading >>

Metro Exodus Impressions: Post Apocalyptic Grizzly Man

/ Sep 12th, 2018 The Metro series is not one I’m extremely familiar with. I have owned a PC a copy of Metro 0 comments continue reading >>

Boyfriend Dungeon Preview: Shot Through the Heart

/ Sep 11th, 2018 My girlfriend asked me what I was most excited to see at PAX West this year as we were 0 comments continue reading >>

My Friend Pedro Preview: Die Free, Kill Hard

/ Sep 10th, 2018 My Friend Pedro is a dizzying, mesmerizing experience where death and violence becomes a sonorous lyrical ballad. The imagery 0 comments continue reading >>

Dotemu @ PAX West: Streets of Rage 4 & Windjammers 2 Preview

/ Sep 7th, 2018 Holy $*%*! Dotemu came to PAX West to burn down the house. After announcing the surprising sequel to Windjammers 0 comments continue reading >>

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