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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Preview

/ Apr 17th, 2017 Star Wars is one of the most storied film and entertainment franchises in the world. The movies have spawned 0 comments continue reading >>

Splatoon 2 Preview: Staying Fresh

/ Apr 3rd, 2017 Splatoon was one of the crown jewels of the Wii U. Nintendo’s gamble on the new IP paid off 0 comments continue reading >>

Yooka-Laylee Preview: Here And Now

/ Feb 28th, 2017 It has been a long path for Yooka-Laylee to go from concept to release. Playtonic Games, a studio made 0 comments continue reading >>

Going Wild in Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Massive Sandbox of Co-op Chaos

/ Jan 25th, 2017 Ubisoft has made a point to emphasize that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands boasts the biggest open world in 0 comments continue reading >>

For Honor’s Combat is a Needed Change After a Shooter-Dominated Season

/ Dec 15th, 2016 Since the days of vanilla Destiny, I have grown more attached to the world of online shooters. My group 0 comments continue reading >>

Steep Beta Impressions: Winter Wonderland

/ Nov 16th, 2016 Steep is about a month out from release, and to gear up for launch, Ubisoft recently held an open 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On Preview: Function

/ Oct 26th, 2016 In many different forms of media, sense of place is of huge significance. Whether it is Charles Dickens’ London, 0 comments continue reading >>

Shadow Warrior 2 Preview: Magic & Chainsaws

/ Oct 4th, 2016 Shadow Warrior 2 is a radically different game from its predecessor. Flying Hogs went into the development of the 0 comments continue reading >>

Gaming Illustrated Plays Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

/ Oct 3rd, 2016 On Oct. 5, anyone who pre-purchased the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy or Digital Deluxe editions on PlayStation 0 comments continue reading >>

Super Senso Preview: A New War

/ Sep 30th, 2016 The Japanese term “senso” translates to war in English. That means “Super Senso” roughly translates to “Super War.” Super 0 comments continue reading >>

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