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Post Tagged with: PAX West 2017

Steambirds Alliance Preview: Pigeons of War

/ Oct 11th, 2017 If a “dogfight” is an aerial battle involving aircrafts, what do you call a dogfight where the pilots are 0 comments continue reading >>

Pikuniku Preview: Everything is Perfect!

/ Oct 10th, 2017 Pikuniku is a world filled with armless living shapes trying to solve problems such as: Where are my missing 0 comments continue reading >>

Yoku’s Island Express Preview: Pinball Beetle

/ Oct 5th, 2017 Yoku’s Island Express is an adventure-platformer in which players take control of a dung beetle that becomes Mokumana island’s 0 comments continue reading >>

The Swords of Ditto Preview: To Worsen The World

/ Oct 2nd, 2017 The Swords of Ditto is a top-down action RPG that follows a playable character who must rid the land 0 comments continue reading >>

Gorn Preview: Beheading Simulator

/ Sep 27th, 2017 When PAX West 2017 got too crazy, I needed a game that allowed me to vent all my frustration 0 comments continue reading >>

Ape Out Preview: Harambe’s Revenge

/ Sep 21st, 2017 I never thought I needed to be a giant gorilla escaping from a military compound until I played Ape 0 comments continue reading >>

A Hat in Time Preview: No Time Left

/ Sep 15th, 2017 It’s been more than four years since A Hat in Time was successfully backed on Kickstarter. With the release 0 comments continue reading >>

Survived By Preview: To My Kin I Leave Dungeons

/ Sep 13th, 2017 Survived By was a surprise announcement at PAX West 2017. The rogue-like, bullet hell game from developer Human Head 0 comments continue reading >>

Keyboard Sports Preview: Precise Button Mashing

/ Sep 12th, 2017 The keyboard is dying in terms of gaming, but Keyboard Sports – Saving Qwerty is doing its part to 0 comments continue reading >>

The Amazing Eternals Preview: Vintage Shooter

/ Sep 8th, 2017 Competitive shooters have long been a volatile force in the gaming scene. When I first heard of The Amazing 0 comments continue reading >>

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