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Can I Borrow a Dollar: Another Kickstarter Think Piece

/ Sep 23rd, 2013 Huzzah, it is another Kickstarter think piece! You can almost feel the zeitgeist getting ground up into fine powder 0 comments continue reading >>

What Outsider Consoles Can Teach The Next-Gen

/ Jun 25th, 2013 E3 2013 was an eye opener. Not just for the tentative consumer market, but also for the suits behind 0 comments continue reading >>

Ouya Release Date Delayed

/ May 10th, 2013 The Ouya release has been pushed back to June 25, back from the original planned launch of June 4. Ouya, also 0 comments continue reading >>

Independent Game Distribution’s Potential Impact on Next-Gen

/ Feb 22nd, 2013 Microsoft and Sony sit poised to soon release their follow-ups to the successful Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, 0 comments continue reading >>

Kickstarter My Heart

/ Feb 8th, 2013 It would be nice if it were uncommon for the public to watch a well-known company declare bankruptcy and 0 comments continue reading >>

Ouya Expects to Release New Version Each Year

/ Feb 7th, 2013 Ouya expects to release a new version of the Android-powered console annually, according to Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman. Speaking 0 comments continue reading >>

Ouya to Release at Retailers in June for $99.99

/ Feb 5th, 2013 Ouya, the Android-based game console, will release in June at retailers including Amazon, Gamestop, Target and Best Buy, according 0 comments continue reading >>

The Year of the Gaming Consoles

/ Jan 31st, 2013 2013 – The Year Of The Console 2013 may well be the year where gamers get a whole host 0 comments continue reading >>

Ouya Dev Kits Shipping This Month

/ Dec 3rd, 2012 Ouya announced that development kits for the game console will ship out on Dec. 28 to Kickstarter supporters who qualify. 0 comments continue reading >>

Ouya Kickstarter Closes with $8.59 Million Raised

/ Aug 10th, 2012 Generating in excess of 9 times its original goal, Ouya’s crowd-funding campaign has finally come to a successful close. 2 comments continue reading >>

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