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Medal of Honor Gains Ground Against Call of Duty

/ Aug 20th, 2012 Medal of Honor is a first person shooter franchise from EA that has gained a tremendous amount of adoption 0 comments continue reading >>

The Real-life World of Warcrack

/ Aug 15th, 2012 You know it had to happen eventually: Diablo III saw its first real-life fatality in Taiwan, where an 18-year 0 comments continue reading >>

Tekken – A Series Overview

/ Aug 9th, 2012 The Tekken series of games first entered the gaming world back in 1994, and since then it has gone 1 comments continue reading >>

Top 5 Most Fun Games On The Sega Master System In 2012

/ Aug 4th, 2012 The 8-bit years of computing and consoles were great times, it was a time of great innovation, ideas that 0 comments continue reading >>

Why Does the Gaming Industry Continue Dying Franchises?

/ Aug 1st, 2012 Few things become more valuable when reproduced. Think financial inflation or Ikea furniture. Items tend to lose their swag, 0 comments continue reading >>

AAA Games: Think Ahab Only with Joysticks

/ Jul 31st, 2012 Triple A. AAA. Brings up good vibes and juju in your heart, doesn’t it? The acronym can mean your 0 comments continue reading >>

The End of the Cutscene

/ Jul 26th, 2012 Video games are an interactive medium. While that statement may feel obvious to the point of banality, consider for 2 comments continue reading >>

Ouya …and the Gaming Industry

/ Jul 25th, 2012 The hottest topic blazing through the gaming industry today is indie developers’ pleasantly profitable “freemium” business model, made quite 0 comments continue reading >>

League of Legends: “Real Deal, Real Talk”

/ Jul 22nd, 2012 Is it hard to realize the most played game in the industry today is a game far and few 0 comments continue reading >>

Top Five Most Fun Games On The Sega Dreamcast In 2012

/ Jul 21st, 2012 In this, the third part of the series in great classic consoles and games that are still fun to 0 comments continue reading >>

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