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Unresolved Cliffhangers in Video Games

/ Oct 12th, 2012 The greatest reward players can earn for doing well in video games is a good ending. Being given a 0 comments continue reading >>

The Leavers: When Game Gods Depart

/ Oct 11th, 2012 Over ten years ago, PC Gamer magazine did a feature on “the next game gods”, portraying the likes of 0 comments continue reading >>

Five Horror Franchises (and Games) We Really Miss

/ Oct 11th, 2012 I read recently that Haruna Anno, a Japanese mega-star in retro gaming, was disappointed in Resident Evil 6. She 1 comments continue reading >>

5 Skyrim Quests I’m Telling You To Play

/ Oct 10th, 2012 Skyrim is a game of great merit. As I mentioned in my previous Skyrim article, most of us have 4 comments continue reading >>

Can Dead Space 3 Live Up to it’s Predecessors?

/ Oct 1st, 2012 Dead Space 3 is set to release February 5th, 2013 in North America, marking over a year and a 0 comments continue reading >>

Supplemental versus Necessary: The Role of DLC, Novels and Comics in Video Games

/ Sep 18th, 2012 With the increasing success of the video game industry pushing its profits into the level of the film industry, 0 comments continue reading >>

5 Skyrim Quests Worth Playing

/ Sep 17th, 2012 Skyrim diehards have probably exhausted every quest available in the latest The Elder Scrolls installment. Perhaps you’ve defeated Alduin, 2 comments continue reading >>

Samsung Galaxy S3 is More Than Just a Mobile Phone

/ Sep 13th, 2012 The Samsung Galaxy S3 is without doubt one of the best mobile phones ever released, however it really is 0 comments continue reading >>

Why the Original Apple TV is Superior to What We Get Now

/ Sep 12th, 2012 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a company released a device called Apple TV. It 2 comments continue reading >>

Windows 8 is a Daring Leap for OS Evolution

/ Sep 7th, 2012 Windows 8 has been on two of my three home computers for about six months now. There are things 3 comments continue reading >>

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