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Microsoft Surface Fails to Impress

/ Oct 30th, 2012 The Microsoft Surface is the latest gadget touted by Microsoft as they enter a marketplace that’s already saturated and 25 comments continue reading >>

Phantasmagoria: A Brief Study in Horror

/ Oct 26th, 2012 It is Halloween season once more, giving everyone a justifiable excuse to get scared. For gamers this should not 0 comments continue reading >>

Top 5 Fun Teams to Use in NBA 2K13

/ Oct 25th, 2012 NBA 2K13 has been on store shelves for more than two weeks and the NBA season is just around 2 comments continue reading >>

Top 5 Android/iOS Racing Games

/ Oct 24th, 2012 The racing game genre has been one of the hardest types of games to replicate on a smartphone, since 0 comments continue reading >>

Trust the Fungus

/ Oct 20th, 2012 Video games movie adaptations are all horrendous and an affront to all sense of human decency. This is not 2 comments continue reading >>

Rockstar, Give Us a Grand Theft Auto Collection

/ Oct 19th, 2012 Recently, Rockstar Games announced the Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1, which includes four PS3/Xbox 360 games that were critically 1 comments continue reading >>

What Makes the Metal Gear Solid Series So Good

/ Oct 15th, 2012 There is no video game series quite like Metal Gear Solid. For the past quarter of a century we 6 comments continue reading >>

The Past, Present, and Future of Tablet Devices Part Two

/ Oct 12th, 2012 Last week we took a look at the brief history of tablets and defined the “third device.” In part 0 comments continue reading >>

Unresolved Cliffhangers in Video Games

/ Oct 12th, 2012 The greatest reward players can earn for doing well in video games is a good ending. Being given a 0 comments continue reading >>

The Leavers: When Game Gods Depart

/ Oct 11th, 2012 Over ten years ago, PC Gamer magazine did a feature on “the next game gods”, portraying the likes of 0 comments continue reading >>

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