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Xbox One Slim Leaked

/ Jun 12th, 2016 Xbox One Slim images have leaked online a day before Microsoft‘s E3 2016 press conference. The image of the 2 comments continue reading >>

Every Xbox One Backwards Compatible Game

/ Mar 30th, 2016 A major component of Microsoft’s Xbox One strategy going forward is backwards compatibility. Gamers will now be able to 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Announces Cross-Network Play

/ Mar 14th, 2016 Microsoft announced that games using Xbox Live will allow developers to support cross-network play. Cross-platform play is now being 0 comments continue reading >>

Sea of Thieves – Play It First Contest

/ Mar 10th, 2016 Rare has recently revamped their Sea of Thieves website. Coinciding with the redesign Rare announced a fan contest related 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Reveals January Games with Gold

/ Dec 21st, 2015 Microsoft announced the four free games it will make available to Xbox Live Gold members in January as part 0 comments continue reading >>

December Games with Gold for Xbox

/ Nov 25th, 2015 Microsoft continues to offer free games for Xbox Live Gold members through the Games with Gold program. The company 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft and Scuf Gaming Teaming Up for Xbox

/ Oct 15th, 2015 Scuf Gaming announced a partnership with Microsoft that will make Scuf the exclusive third-party accessories partner for the Xbox 0 comments continue reading >>

Xbox at E3: Known Quantities

/ Jun 17th, 2015 For the first time in years, Microsoft wasn’t shouldering the responsibility of leading the press conference charge at E3. 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Unveils Gears of War 4

/ Jun 15th, 2015 Microsoft studio The Coalition announced the latest iteration of the Gears of War franchise, Gears of War 4, during 0 comments continue reading >>

Microsoft Announces Rare Replay

/ Jun 15th, 2015 Microsoft announced a collection of Rare titles called Rare Replay during its press conference at E3 2015. The collection 0 comments continue reading >>

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