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Are Survival Horror Games Dead?

/ Oct 31st, 2016 The survival horror subgenre is famous for challenging players to survive horrors both direct and psychological. Intelligence, not brawn, 0 comments continue reading >>

Underrated Video Game Scares

/ Oct 31st, 2015 Halloween is a time when grimness is celebrated, fear is capitalized upon and candy flies off market shelves. It’s 0 comments continue reading >>

5 Terrifying Video Game Enemies

/ Oct 28th, 2015 Throughout the several decades of existence, video games have been littered with moments that keep gamers up at night. 0 comments continue reading >>

The 6 Best New Games to Play this Halloween

/ Oct 28th, 2014 Children love Halloween — people give out candy to kids dressed as their favorite characters; what’s not to love? 0 comments continue reading >>

Obscure Video Game Frights

/ Oct 31st, 2013 It’s Halloween once again: the time of year where frights are aplenty, fear is celebrated and candy sales are 0 comments continue reading >>

Phantasmagoria: A Brief Study in Horror

/ Oct 26th, 2012 It is Halloween season once more, giving everyone a justifiable excuse to get scared. For gamers this should not 0 comments continue reading >>

The Secret World Celebrates Halloween with New Content

/ Sep 27th, 2012 It’s been only a week since Funcom released its second major update to The Secret World. Issue #2: Digging Deeper debuted last 0 comments continue reading >>

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