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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Review: Suda51 Collection

/ Jan 25th, 2019 Suda51 is a video game auteur who elicits a gamut of responses. Whether those responses are good or bad 1 comments continue reading >>

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Season Pass Contents Revealed

/ Dec 21st, 2018 Grasshopper Manufacture announced the season pass contents and voice cast for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes ahead of 1 comments continue reading >>

LET IT DIE Preview: Death is a Beginning

/ Sep 15th, 2016 Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment’s LET IT DIE is looking to normalize a world where art and blood 0 comments continue reading >>

Suda51’s Let It Die Announced as PS4 Exclusive

/ Jun 15th, 2014 GungHo Online Entertainment Inc. announced Let It Die as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Let It Die is a survival-action 0 comments continue reading >>

Killer is Dead E3 Impressions

/ Jul 5th, 2013 XSeed Games came to play at E3 2013 with a playable demo of the latest SUDA 51 joint, Killer 0 comments continue reading >>

Killer is Dead Trailer Debuts

/ May 1st, 2013 Deep Silver released the second trailer for the upcoming action noir Killer is Dead. The new trailer, titled “Mondo 0 comments continue reading >>

XSeed Releases First English Trailer for KILLER IS DEAD

/ Mar 22nd, 2013 XSeed Games released the first English trailer for Grasshopper Manufacture‘s KILLER IS DEAD on their YouTube page Monday. The new 0 comments continue reading >>

Black Knight Sword (PS3) Review

/ Dec 31st, 2012 With 2012 almost at an end and all the big name titles released weeks prior, Black Knight Sword is 0 comments continue reading >>

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