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God of War: Ascension (PS3) Review

/ Apr 14th, 2013 Released appropriately near and during the Ides of March, God of War: Ascension is the first major home console 1 comments continue reading >>

The Revengeance of Action Games

/ Mar 21st, 2013 In video games there has been a debate about how to balance story telling and gameplay  since games moved 1 comments continue reading >>

God of War: Ascension Available Now

/ Mar 12th, 2013 God of War: Ascension is available now exclusively for PlayStation 3. The game has hit retailers for a suggested 0 comments continue reading >>

New Game Releases: March 10-16

/ Mar 10th, 2013 This week’s game releases include: the first Starcraft II expansion with Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, a throwback 0 comments continue reading >>

The Mythology of God of War: Ascension

/ Feb 14th, 2013 With the upcoming God of War: Ascension, everyone’s favorite angry spartan will be tearing Greece a mythological new one 1 comments continue reading >>

Familiarity in Game Realities

/ Feb 1st, 2013 Déjà Vu, I Choose You! Hey, that’s not just a nice rhyming title, most of the fundamental aspects of 0 comments continue reading >>

Sony 2013 CES Coverage Part 2: Games & More Tech

/ Jan 9th, 2013 As one could expect, the 2013 Internationa CES fare from Sony does not offer much news in the way 2 comments continue reading >>

God of War Multiplayer Beta Impressions

/ Dec 21st, 2012 It would be an understatement to say that the announcement of the God of War multiplayer mode was met 2 comments continue reading >>

God of War: The God of Gaming Sagas

/ Nov 8th, 2012 Why do we continue to play God of War?  Well, the obvious answer is that the saga continues to 2 comments continue reading >>

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