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The Surge Review: Souls of Scrap

/ Jun 27th, 2017 The Surge is a third-person action RPG with a frustratingly high difficulty. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. 0 comments continue reading >>

The Technomancer Review: Volts & Jolts

/ Jul 7th, 2016 Fans of Mars: War Logs will find familiarity in The Technomancer, a game that brings the publisher and developer 0 comments continue reading >>

Blue Estate (PS4) Review

/ Sep 11th, 2014 Any gamer who gripped their hands on a Nintendo Zapper likely remembers the visceral thrill of Duck Hunt. Being 0 comments continue reading >>

Bound By Flame (PS4) Review

/ Jul 28th, 2014 Despite the PlayStation 4 not even being out a year, there’s a surprising amount of quality games that have 0 comments continue reading >>

Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment Coming to Xbox One

/ May 10th, 2014 New information on the upcoming game Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment has been released by publisher Focus Home Interactive. 0 comments continue reading >>

Bound by Flame Trailer Shows Off Combat

/ Apr 13th, 2014 Spiders Studio released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming fantasy action RPG Bound by Flame. Focusing on combat, the trailer 0 comments continue reading >>

Bound by Flame Trailer Shows Off Dark Fantasy World

/ Feb 20th, 2014 Spiders Studio unveiled a new trailer for Bound by Flame, their upcoming action-RPG. This newest trailer details many of the 0 comments continue reading >>

Final Exam (PS3) Review

/ Nov 8th, 2013 Final Exam is a PS3 game developed by Mighty Rocket Studio that was published by Focus Home Interactive. The 0 comments continue reading >>

Contrast Available for Pre-Order Now

/ Oct 17th, 2013 Contrast is an upcoming puzzle-platformer from Compulsion Games releasing in mid-November. PC pre-orders are now available through Steam offering 0 comments continue reading >>

Mars: War Logs (PC) Review

/ May 20th, 2013 When BioWare introduced the Mass Effect series nearly six years ago, it gave gamers a chance to immerse themselves 0 comments continue reading >>

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