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Fez | Gaming Illustrated

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August PS Plus Lineup Announced

/ Jul 31st, 2014 Sony revealed Road Not Taken, Fez, Crysis 3, Proteus, Metrico and Dragon’s Crown will be part of the August 0 comments continue reading >>

FEZ (PS4) Review

/ Apr 30th, 2014 In an attempt to reach nearly every gaming platform on the market, FEZ makes its way onto the PlayStation 0 comments continue reading >>

Fez Makes PlayStation Debut on March 25

/ Mar 5th, 2014 Polytron announced Fez will finally be making its debut on PlayStation platforms on March 25. The game will be available 0 comments continue reading >>

New Humble Indie Bundle 9 Lets Gamers Choose Own Price And Benefits Charities

/ Sep 14th, 2013 Humble Bundle announced Humble Indie Bundle 9 this week with a unique feature. For the next two weeks, gamers 0 comments continue reading >>

Game of Twitter

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Polygons to Pixels : The Resurgence of Pixel Games.

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Fez Going Multiplatform in 2013

/ Jan 3rd, 2013 The popular Xbox Live Arcade indie game Fez will finally be coming to additional platforms in 2013, according to 0 comments continue reading >>

The Shifting Soundtrack to Games

/ Dec 28th, 2012 As the medium of video games evolved from bits to blockbusters, so too did the soundtracks that scored them. 0 comments continue reading >>

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