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Post Tagged with: E3 2016

Sea of Thieves & Yooka-Laylee: Rare Air

/ Jul 6th, 2016 Over the last few years, a number of employees were laid off or left Rare. This exodus led to 0 comments continue reading >>

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Preview: Medieval Realism

/ Jul 5th, 2016 First-person melee combat is one of those game mechanics that has resulted in wildly different levels of quality. Few 0 comments continue reading >>

Death Stair Preview: The Friendship Obliterator

/ Jul 1st, 2016 A “friendship destroyer” is a game that pits players against each other, often meant to be played in local 0 comments continue reading >>

Tekken 7 Preview: Refined Insanity

/ Jul 1st, 2016 In the last few years, fans of the fighter genre have been treated to the latest entries of mainstay 0 comments continue reading >>

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor- Martyr Preview: Across New Universes

/ Jun 30th, 2016 Warhammer 40,000 is a vast and sordid universe. It exists in a future where humans are mostly religious fanatics 0 comments continue reading >>

Thumper is Hypnotic, Visceral and Incredible in PSVR

/ Jun 29th, 2016 In the distance an ominous, pulsing circle looms above me like a black hole. But rather than sucking in 0 comments continue reading >>

Deliver Us The Moon Preview: Dark Space

/ Jun 29th, 2016 When the Xbox One first released, Microsoft didn’t have much good will with independent developers, but the company has 0 comments continue reading >>

Gravity Rush 2 Preview: Kat is Back

/ Jun 28th, 2016 One of the biggest surprises on the show floor at E3 2016 was Gravity Rush 2. It wasn’t just 0 comments continue reading >>

Maximum Games E3 2016: Wide Variety

/ Jun 24th, 2016 Publisher Maximum Games showcased a wide variety of titles from different developers at E3 2016. Some of these games 0 comments continue reading >>

Natsume E3 2016: Loving the Past

/ Jun 22nd, 2016 While most remakes, reboots and sequels are typically met with groans at this point, the lineup for Natsume at 0 comments continue reading >>

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