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Broforce Gets a Patriotic Discount with Death From Above Update

/ Jul 4th, 2014 Free Lives is celebrating the continuing battle for independence by making Broforce 33 percent off on Steam for the entire Independence Day weekend. Broforce 0 comments continue reading >>

Gods Will Be Watching Gets New Despair-Filled Trailer

/ Jul 4th, 2014 Deconstructeam‘s bleak point and click thriller Gods Will Be Watching is out July 24. Additionally, Devolver Digital released a gameplay trailer 0 comments continue reading >>

Titan Souls E3 2014 Impressions

/ Jun 23rd, 2014 At E3 2014, Devolver Digital held a grand BBQ mere blocks from the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the 0 comments continue reading >>

Always Sometimes Monsters (PC) Review

/ Jun 17th, 2014 Reality’s a hard pitch to sell in video game format. Having to work for a living, deal with personal 0 comments continue reading >>

Broforce (PC) Preview: Oh the Bromanity

/ May 1st, 2014 Call it The Expendables game we deserve. Call it the Muscular Man Shooting Game. Call it the Rambo/Terminator/Chuck Norris 0 comments continue reading >>

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Gets New Trailer

/ Apr 9th, 2014 Devolver Digital released a new trailer for the upcoming Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number titled “Dial Tone.” Developed by Dennaton Games, Wrong 0 comments continue reading >>

Luftrausers (PC) Review

/ Mar 18th, 2014 The skies are clear, the sea is calm and the player controls a unique ace of the skies bringing 0 comments continue reading >>

Shadow Warrior And Saints Row IV Wangtastic Cross Promotion Announced

/ Sep 24th, 2013 The publishers of Saints Row IV and the upcoming Shadow Warrior announced today a cross promotion between the two 0 comments continue reading >>

Hotline Miami 2 Releasing 2013

/ Jun 20th, 2013 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is set to release in the fourth quarter of this year for the PC, Mac and Linux, developer 0 comments continue reading >>

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