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Super Mario Odyssey Will Be Mario’s Biggest Adventure to Date

/ Sep 27th, 2017 No Comments

Super Mario Odyssey

Throughout the years, Nintendo’s famous mascot has been around every type of imaginary environment thought possible in the Mushroom Kingdom, from penguin-inhabited icy terrains to rainbow-paved roads in outer space, 2D, 3D and even mountainous ranges reminiscent of chocolate bars.

As one of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch games of 2017, Super Mario Odyssey will once again bring everyone’s favorite plumber out of his comfort zone to new worlds to save Princess Peach from the vile clutches of Bowser’s wedding ceremony.

Mario’s upcoming adventure is a return to the sandbox-style gameplay of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, with each new world feeling more alive and densely packed with discoveries and secrets that gives the game its own identity.

For example, the tutorial level, Capland, showcases a not-so-vibrant world with all the color seemingly sucked out of it. Mario is introduced to his new pal Cappy, who has taken the form of Mario’s classic red cap. Players will find Cappy on his own adventure trying to rescue his sister, Tiara, who had been taken by Bowser to be Peach’s wedding crown.

Cappy becomes Mario’s sidekick, possessing and utilizing the abilities of any foe the player seems up to control. Classic enemies such as bullet bills, cheep cheeps and goombas will be ripe for the taking, and their abilities will lend a hand as you propel Mario through the dense landscapes. With the added depth of grabbing control of every enemy presented in the Mario universe, players may find themselves wanting to try out as many controllable beasties they can.

Did I Mention New and Unique Worlds?

Following Capland, players will be able to explore Luncheon world, where the level theme is … well, can you guess? .. made of food. You can fling yourself around using the strategically placed living fork inhabitants and utilize Cappy’s possession abilities to capture enemies immune to the level’s deadly environmental death traps.

During the 2017 Japan Expo, fans of the franchise caught a glimpse of Mario’s cartoon-like stature navigating the more realistic aspects of a virtual metropolis later revealed as New Donk City. Mario’s seemingly out of place animation looks to be the point of the concrete jungle-like world where Mario will bounce up and around buildings and hail taxis.

Super Mario Odyssey

The fantastical elements are integrated with true-to-life aspects.

Level designs are not as linear as you might think. With its sandbox layouts, players can either follow the waypoints to the end of each world or get lost off the beaten path to discover every secret and collectible strewn across the world. As you continue through the game gaining new abilities, the old worlds will be tempting to revisit. Your newly discovered abilities may make it easier to uncover new secrets that developers seem to hide under the surface.

In addition, each world will feature a unique currency separate from the regular coins that you can use to buy outfits and souvenirs. That’s how Mario can acquire items like the sombrero and poncho. This provides even more incentive to go back and play levels again and again.
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Nintendo intends to push the boundaries of where they can place Mario as each new world seems totally unique and expertly crafted to a point where it no longer feels like you’re traveling to different and distinct territories, but entire new universes instead.

Game Over?

Those that were treated to the demo might have found the game to be a tad simple. Heath replenishment items abound and game overs have been phased out entirely. While that may seem kid-friendly at first, the real point of the game’s simplicity is to give players the joy of discovery and the satisfaction of solving complex puzzles.

“Tostarena” is a Mexican-inspired level populated by skull-headed enemies.

All things considered so far, Super Mario Odyssey has the potential to hit all the high notes of what makes Mario Mario while introducing all kinds of unique story and level content. The game will leverage complete use of the Nintendo Switch graphics mechanics for a complete 3D Mario experience for fans of the series new and old.
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Forecasted to be the Nintendo Switch’s next major exclusive titles, it’s safe to presume that Nintendo has spent plenty of time polishing the game before its big debut this fall.

Super Mario Odyssey will release for Nintendo Switch on Oct. 27.


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