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Star Trek (2013, Namco) Video Game Interview

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Star Trek - Interview
Star Trek - Interview

Star Trek – Interview

Star Trek is a third-person action-adventure video game coming in 2013 from Namco Bandai Games, Paramount Digital Entertainment and Digital Extremes. The game is set for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms, with the story taking place in between the recent Star Trek reboot film and the upcoming film, Star Trek: Into the Darkness. During the E3 2012 convention, it was revealed that the Gorn will be making a featured appearance in the game as the main antagonists. We spoke directly with Brian Miller, Vice President at Paramount, about the game and the new movie coming in summer of 2013.

Special thanks to Miranda L. Visser for transcribing this interview.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Could you introduce yourself and your role with the game?

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Sure, I’m Brian Miller. I’m Senior Vice President and Game Producer at Paramount Pictures.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): So you’ve gotta be very excited. The new reboot with Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams, hugely successful. As a huge Star Trek nerd, I literally own every Star Trek thing in terms of movies, DVD sets; and my wife is still married to me.

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Thank you for supporting my career and my family and my kids’ college, sir.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Oh yeah, I’ve probably put one of your kids through school. [Laughs]

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): I’m sure you did.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Love the reboot and it’s great to see that it’s being extended into the gaming space. Now this game – the lore is between the movie we saw a couple summers ago and the one coming up next summer – I know you can’t give up too much but we saw the Gorn in the demo, tell us a little bit about what went into the story this time.

Star Trek

Star Trek

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Well, we got together a couple of years ago with our team at Paramount Pictures and we met with the guys over at Bad Robot and said: ‘How do we make a great game? We’re all big gamers. How do we make a great Star Trek game.’ And we all sort of looked at each other and said: ‘You know what, let’s just make a really great game.’ So we all got together and we brought all the best creative minds we could into the process and we’ve been working hard for the last couple of years. So, like I said, it’s a completely unique and original storyline. It is being written by Marianne Krawczyk who wrote the God of War series, and we’re really excited to be here showing it off for the first time.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): It seems to fit well within the new universe – it didn’t seem disjointed like this was made just completely separate – it seems like there’s been a lot of collaboration.

[lijit160itp]Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Well, that’s a huge compliment. That’s the best news that I’ve gotten for the whole show. People would sit through the demo and come out and they’re like: ‘That felt like Star Trek. That felt like I sat through fifteen minutes of Trek.’ And you know, that’s really hard to pull off. That takes a lot of back and forth to get that done. We really set out to make the most authentic version of a Trek game that we possibly could and you can only do that with everybody sort of getting in there. So we’re really excited we have the cast of the Enterprise voicing their roles in the game. In the demo, when you here Kirk and Spock bantering back and forth – you don’t get that unless you have Chris and Zack there doing that. So we have all the files from the movie. The Enterprise is what the Enterprise is; we have the blueprints, we have the files, we have the sounds and the graphics that go into that. We really are pushing to make that, again, the most authentic experience that we can.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Yeah, I remember ten years ago at my first E3 when we saw actors in a video game it was like the love boat of the seventies. They’re either just starting or they’re going. Now all the big actors want to be in the games because they’re gamers themselves and it’s great to get that creative collaboration.

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Yeah. Absolutely. And you know, having just the little bit that we’ve done and we’ve shown so far it just: What Simon Pegg brings to the demo and what he beings to the role in Trek, it’s hilarious and if we had a sound alike you’re immediately thrown out of the game, it doesn’t feel real and we wouldn’t be doing that game if we couldn’t do it.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Yeah, one thing gamers are very picky on is authentication. It definitely seems like if I was to pick one thing that came away with the demo it’s that, technically, it’s the action. It seems like it was a pretty action oriented game. This is not a bunch of Star Trek rock mineral collection on some mining planet, right?

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Yeah, you know, Trek has always been a nice balance. It’s a nice balance of exploration and discovery and sort of diplomacy and also every major Trek thing, you know [since] you have everything, there’s always a major action set piece. So we were very careful and I think the demo does a good job. The first half is really, you know you use your tricorder in a great co-op way to learn and figure out, ‘Okay, what’s going on? What’s the Gorn?’ And also from an action way Kirk gets to call in an airstrike from the Enterprise to end the demo. We’re at E3: we have to make a big noise, we have to have a lot of action to get that gaming fan, but we really want to be true to what Trek is and that’s a nice combination of it all.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): One thing I noticed here is – I mean, I saw the movie in IMAX 3D in theaters and seeing it here in 3D we’re seeing it move into the gaming space – I’ve always believed that gamers at home will be adopting the TV, the 3D home theater, the 3D gaming thing. What’s Paramount thinking here in terms of where 3D technology is. Obviously we’re seeing it in the theater, but my question is: Where do you guys see it in the home?

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): Well we love 3D, I mean we’ve been a big proponent of it forever and our next Trek film will be in 3D among a bunch of movies that we’re doing. As far as the game is concerned, we are the only game on the floor of E3 today doing the massive job that we’re doing here. We have two massive screens showing Kirk’s perspective and Spock’s perspective in 3D. No one’s really done that before. It’s the same glasses, Nvidia’s come on board to help us out, and we think gamers using 3D it’s just a much more immersive experience and even though you can play the game in 2D and it will be great, we think that added 3D layer really brings something additional that I think is really cool.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Alright, I know you can’t give too much about the movie coming out in the summer. Just give us a little teaser, a little taste if you will.

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): I can tell you that the movie’s gonna be amazing. That’s all I can tell.

Sean Gibson (Gaming Illustrated): Fair enough. Hey Brian, thank you so much. Very nice to have you on Gaming Illustrated.

Brian Miller (Paramount Pictures): No worries, thanks for coming.

Sean Gibson

Sean Gibson

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