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Star Stable: A New MMORPG Horse Game for the PC

/ Mar 2nd, 2013 No Comments

Star Stable: A Horse Game

Star Stable: A Horse Game

Star Stable: A Horse Game

In the large MMORPG market, Star Stable is a horse game for PC that looks to set itself apart from other MMOs that aim for a casual gamer. As a game geared towards girls, Star Stable will provide a constantly growing world to engage with friends all over the world while bonding with their four-legged partner. Unlike other horse games for girls, this one focuses more on the successful formulas behind other MMORPGs.

The Story

Star Stable takes place on the land of Jorvik, which was once an empty, lifeless place in the middle of the ocean until a star fell from the sky and brought with it a girl on a horse. A girl rode across the rough surface of the ocean with a candle in her hand; when she reached the heart of the island, light and life spread from the center. Ever since, Jorvik has always shared a bond with the horses on the island–they might even be its soul. Now the island is full of stables and camps where hundreds come to hone their riding skills. The game lets players take the reins of a girl who could be the one to bring hope in a time of darkness.

By having a back story full of possibility, Star Stable differentiates itself from horse games that only aim for horse riding simulation. Being a horse game for PC means that the experience is full of quests to fulfill, mysteries to solve and much more. Those familiar with MMORPGs will recognize Star Stable’s use of factions. Players will makes friends or even enemies with others and these relationships could produce lots of benefits. Factions such as the Dark Core, a corporation seeking something buried deep under Jorvik or the Keepers of Aideen, who are druids living in the forests and mountains. When thinking of horse games, not many would also think about buried secrets and druids or even MMORPG elements, making Star Stable stand out from other games aimed at this family-friendly demographic. Girls playing Star Stable don’t have to just experience the fun of taking care of a horse; they can go on big adventures as well.

Feeding, Grooming and Horse Competitions

In Star Stable, Gamers Can Ride a Horse and Interact with other Horse Riders

In Star Stable, Gamers Can Ride a Horse and Interact with other Horse Riders

Maintaining a close bond with the horse is important. Feeding, grooming, and more are available at various barns and stables. A happy horse means it will perform better in challenges and quests. Another important element in Star Stable is the online component. Interacting and chatting with other players online is a big part of the fun. Need help with a super difficult challenge? Ask a friend to help out! Friendly competition with leaderboards and more breathes even more life into this equine experience.

A Browser Based Horse Game That Installs Fast

Even though Star Stable is a horse game for PC, no one has to go through a long installation and registration process to get riding. Playing the game is as simple as creating an account, installing the game in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome), creating a character and horse, and then playing. The benefit of having Star Stable being browser based is that a wide range of users can have access to the horse game.

Safe Gaming Features to Give Parents Peace of Mind

A Horse Game Turned MMORPG That's Family Friendly

A Horse Game Turned MMORPG That’s Family Friendly

Since Star Stable wants to make sure everyone feels invited, great lengths have been used to make sure the world is a safe and secure one. All the chatting done between players is moderated and monitored automatically so the parents of younger gamers can be at ease. To prevent lewd or inappropriate avatar names being used, a long list of premade name choices are available. Though Star Stable is geared towards girls, guys might enjoy a horse game for the PC where they can name their horse something strong like “Thunderblaze.”

As a free member, riders can own their very own horse and chat with their friends made along their journeys. Access is also given to the Fort Pinta and Moorland Stables areas but the level cap is enabled at level five. Anyone can become a Star Rider and open up a bunch of features by subscribing. Being a Star Rider turns the whole world of Jorvik into a personal riding ground. New quests, exclusive equipment and clothing, an increased level cap, a weekly allowance of 100 star coins, leaderboards and other horse games. A monthly fee that gives full access to Star Stable is only $7.49 a month, as compared to other MMORPGs which typical cost nearly double that amount. From there, three month and six month subscriptions are available along with a lifetime subscription for only $69.95.

It might seem like Star Stable is just one of many horse games for girls to sink their time into with minimal reward. In fact, this is a horse game that offers similar experiences to several other MMORPGs on the market. A big list of features along with a quick installation and learning curve are sure to make Star Stable to appeal to all kinds of gamers with a passion for horses.

Niloufar Gibson

Niloufar Gibson

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Niloufar Gibson

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