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Ryan Bloom – Chief Editor
Ryan Bloom is an experienced journalist who received a bachelor’s degree in Communications from CSU Fullerton. His love for gaming began at an early age when his older brother would let him play games like NBA Jam and Street Fighter 2. He especially enjoys first-person shooters and sports games.
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Ben Sheene – Senior Editor
Ben Sheene serves as the Content Guru where he constantly has his finger on the pulse of the gaming landscape. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in English from Centre College in Kentucky, he moved to California to see if it was as awesome as “The OC” made it seem.
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Kalvin Martinez – Senior Editor
Kalvin Martinez studied Creative Writing at UC Santa Cruz. He has been playing games since the NES days, mainly Sesame Street and Mario Bros. If a game is distinctly Japanese or ridiculous then chances are he will love it. His favorite genres are RPGs and Action-Adventure. In addition, he loves exclamation points!!!
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Chance Asue – Associate Editor & Multimedia Specialist
Chance Asue is a self-taught computer builder and multimedia junkie. His love for shiny gadgets is only surpassed by his unwavering infatuation with Pokemon and automobiles. He overcomes his addiction to PlayStation Trophies by living one day at a time.
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Carl Armstrong – Contributor
Carl Armstrong is a communications expert who freelances as a review writer for Gaming Illustrated. At his full time job, he’s an award winning radio show producer for a sports-only network in San Diego. Carl is passionate about sports games, specifically football and basketball. He’s also been known to dabble in MMOs.
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Gregory Gibson – Staff Reviewer
Greg Gibson’s resume spans over 40 years in the world of nuclear engineering and nuclear power, having received an MBA in International Business, Masters in E-Commerce and degree in Physics/Nuclear Engineering from Georgia Tech. Greg is our resident MMORPG and HDTV expert.
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Mark AdamsMark Adams – Content Guru
Mark Adams is a long time gamer, computer programmer and blogger. Growing up at the dawn of computers during the 1970’s, his knowledge for all things computers is unsurpassed, as is his love for writing about everything and anything. An I.T. manager by day and a writer by night means he’s never far from the latest gadgets and tech talk.
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Chad Whitney – Contributing Writer
Chad Whitney is a natural character that has a way with words and often refers to himself in the third person as “The Chad.” The Chad tweets for Gaming Illustrated and writes reviews. The Chad hails from Chicago, and has a passion for video games, sports, and food. Fortunately for The Chad, all three things can be enjoyed at the same time.
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Greg Johnson – Associate Editor
Greg is a Nintendo fan-boy who would cry if they ever went 3rd party. He writes news, previews and reviews for various consoles at Gaming Illustrated. He is a fan of musical theater, poetry and being controlled by others via three word phrases.
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Sean Sullivan – Art Director
Sean Sullivan is no stranger to the video game industry, having spent years working for the famed and now defunct Pandemic Studios in Los Angeles. Now, Sean is a web entrepreneur who specializes in website creation and art development. He is the creative force behind the new, yet to be released, version of Gaming Illustrated.


Current Contributors

Miranda Visser Sal Thomas
Jon Anson Ryan Scheller

Former Staff

Roy Rossi – Reviewer
If you look in the dictionary for “old school RPG’er” then you’ll find Roy’s face there.

Jamie Wharton – Reviewer
Jamie was the official UK correspondent for Gaming Illustrated and had a well rounded gaming experience on both the PC and console platforms. His claim to fame was winning a worldwide Counter-Strike sponsored event back in 2002.

David Pfannenstiel – Reviewer
David “P-Diddy” Pfannenstiel is a network analyst whose passion for games makes him both a lethal force at just about any FPS game, while at the same time giving him amazing insight into the world of gaming.

Will Fairway – Reviewer
Will has been around the competitive gaming scene for a number of years, having placed consistently well in Red Alert 2 and WarCraft III tournaments many years ago. He now spends most of his time grinding various RTS and MMO games.

Mike Zahalan – Chief Technology Officer
Mike Zahalan’s technical expertise in both Windows and Linux environments is practically unmatched. He is the technical go-to guy at Gaming Illustrated and is the chief architect behind our move from a PHP-based database CMS system to WordPress.

Rachel Gray – Content Specialist
Rachel Gray is a reviewer and helps brainstorm new content for the site. She was first introduced to games at the age of 7 with C&C: Red Alert where she failed in war strategy. Although Rachel holds both Political Science and Philosophy degrees, her passion lies within RPGs and action-adventure games, specifically survival horror.
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Alexandra Mangen – Associate Editor
Alexandra Mangen is a self proclaimed nerd who loves gaming. A huge fan of FPS, RPG and MMOs, she’ll playing anything if it’s well designed and entertaining. She covers all genres and specializes in reviews for Windows PC and PlayStation 3 platforms.
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Ethan Smith – Content Guru & Reviewer
Ethan Smith is a lifelong gamer and omnidisciplinary nerd. As a writer, he tends to take game storytelling way too seriously and may be the only person that actually plays Dead or Alive for the gameplay (honest!). While he prefers strategy games, RPGs, and strategy RPGs; Ethan will happily play just about anything with a good story.
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Sean Gibson – Founder, Featured Contributor
Sean Gibson is the founder of Gaming Illustrated and served as Executive Editor and lead reviewer from 2002 to 2014. He now serves in an advisory role to the Chief Editor, and contributes articles focused on gaming peripherals and sports titles.
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Former Contributors

James Ku Sam Reimer
Dustin Liaw Jessica Flores

Romtin Erfani Alec Levine
Bobby Johnson Ryan Scheller
Rahil Bhagat Joe Van Fossen
Jon Anson Mike Zrimsek
Sal Thomas Tommy Blashaw
Victor Chavez Niloufar Gibson
Laura Kemmerer Patrick McVeigh
Travis Shuman Alejandro Grover
Stephen Vinson Danny Berkman
Olly Jones Kathrine Bryan

Ryan Bloom

Ryan Bloom

Chief Editor at Gaming Illustrated
Ryan Bloom is a writer and avid gamer from Orange County. He received a B.A. in Communications with a minor in American Studies from California State University, Fullerton in 2010. Follow him on Twitter @BloomsTweets.
Ryan Bloom

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