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Square Enix Reveals New DLC for Sleeping Dogs | Gaming Illustrated

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Square Enix Reveals New DLC for Sleeping Dogs

/ Nov 14th, 2012 No Comments

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix announced yet another DLC pack for their hit open-world drama Sleeping Dogs. The DLC pack will be another in a series of larger campaign content and will focus heavily on the melee combat aspect of the game.

Set shortly after the events of Sleeping Dogs, Wei Shen is invited to a mysterious martial arts tournament off the coast of Hong Kong. The Zodiac Tournament Pack will feature access to this new island where the tournament is being held, as well as new fighting arenas, more unique enemies and bosses, and outfits. The story will extended through new cutscenes. A Mortal Kombat style DLC would definitely be amusing to play but only time will tell what exactly this mysterious tournament holds for Wei Shen.

While no price has been announced, the Zodiac Tournament Pack is set for release later this year, but that’s not all.

[adsense250itp]Square Enix and United Front Games also announced a collection of the five already released DLC packs, including pre-order bonuses, is now available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam. The collection, titled the Dragon Master Pack, is available now for download and will feature all of the following:

Triad Enforcer Pack:

  • Two new missions
  • New vehicle
  • New outfit
  • Golden Cleaver weapon

Police Protection Pack:

  • SWAT vehicle
  • SWAT outfit
  • Assault Rifle
  • New police races

Martial Arts Pack:

  • Shaolin Showdown mission
  • New outfit
  • Wing Chun safehouse decoration

GSP Pack:

  • GSP outfit that offers stat boosts

Deep Undercover Pack:

  • Plain clothes outfit
  • Police vehicle
  • CB Radio safehouse decoration
Sleeping Dogs DLC

All that action-packed content in one package? Yes, please.

Christmas seems to be coming early as Square Enix and United Front Games also announced several other DLC packs that will be available this holiday season. New DLC will alter both outfits and gameplay. New DLC includes the Drunken Fist Pack , which gives gamers new drunken-style fighting moves, and the Gangland Style Pack, which includes tattoos that offer stat boosts. The most appealing of all is the Square Enix Character Pack. This unique pack will give gamers new player outfits based off some of Square Enix’s most memorable games including Hitman, Deus Ex and Just Cause. Each character outfit will also come with a unique weapon as the cherry on top.

Sleeping Dogs is a sandbox action-adventure set in Hong Kong. The game released in August and has been a success both critically and commercially. Square Enix and United Front Games have been releasing a steady stream of DLC since the game launched.

Travis Shuman

Travis Shuman

Contributor at Gaming Illustrated
Travis is a contributor to Gaming Illustrated.
Travis Shuman
Travis Shuman

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