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Square Enix Announces Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for 2018

/ Jun 7th, 2017 No Comments

Square Enix Announces Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for 2018

Square Enix plans to bring Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to North America on PlayStation 4 in early 2018. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is being co-developed with Team NINJA in partnership with Koei Tecmo Games.

Once again, Cosmos and Chaos are in conflict and call upon great warriors to fight in their war. Summoning brave warriors from across time and space, they are forced to clash. Only this time the battles aren’t 1-on-1, but rather 3 vs. 3. Who will win in this cosmic conflict? Will Cosmos and light prevail or Chaos and darkness?

Square Enix Announces Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for 2018

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT features 3 vs. 3 battles.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT pits players against each other in 3-on-3 battles with the ability to select from over 20 characters from the Final Fantasy series. Players can summon familiar eidolons in the game like Ifrit, Shiva, and Odin to add more chaos to the battle.

The Dissidia series’ unique “bravery combat system” returns in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. In early 2018 players will be able to fight in 3 vs. 3 battles both online and offline.

Square Enix Announces Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for 2018

All the main characters from numbered series return to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

For a closer look at Dissidia Final Fantasy NT tune into the deep dive panel with Producer Ichiro Hazama, Director Takeo Kujiraoka, Justin Wong of Echo Fox, and K-Brad at the E3 Coliseum on Tuesday June 13 at 3:15 p.m. PT.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Announcement Trailer

Quick Take

Dissidia Final Fantasy debuted in Japanese arcades back in late 2015. It rebooted the series and stripped out the story elements and RPG elements. After its arcade release information on a console port has been quiet until now.

The recent reveal for PlayStation 4 version leaves us with a lot of questions. It seems the story elements are back as Cosmos and Chaos make a prominent appearance in the announcement trailer. The change to 3-on-3 battles will be a huge departure for fans of the PSP games. Whether the RPG elements will return as well or what additional changes from the arcade have been made will likely be revealed at E3 and beyond.

While some villains were revealed in the trailer, besides X-Death and Sephiroth, we don’t know who else will face off against the 14 main characters from the numbered series. A glimpse of Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was shown and it’ll be interesting to see if any other surprises are thrown into the game come its release. Let’s hope for Noctis and Ardyn!

Regardless of the questions, it is exciting to see Square Enix bring this off-beat fighting game spin-off to the West.

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Kalvin Martinez

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