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South Park Season 15 (Blu-ray) Review

/ Jun 16th, 2012 No Comments

South Park Season 15 Bluray Giveaway

South Park Season 15 Bluray Giveaway

South Park Season 15 Bluray Review

South Park is back, yet again, for another season in high definition Blu-ray format in this Complete Fifteenth Season collection. This latest release from Trey Parker and Matt Stone was originally released on March 27, 2012 and features two discs, fourteen episodes and 308 minutes of South Park fun. Also included are special features such as two “6 Days to Air” featurettes about what it takes to make a South Park episode as well as mini-commentaries and deleted features. For fans of the series, South Park Season 15 on Blu-ray is a fine addition to the collection.

Entertainment Quality

In terms of comedic quality, Season 15 of South Park felt a lot crisper and funnier than the last few seasons. I’ve always enjoyed when South Park tries to loosely follow some sort of story arc through a season, or at the very least, attempts for continuity instead of a plethora of one-off episodes. The season started off in hilarious fashion with Kyle versus Apple in “HUMANCENTiPAD” where get gets into trouble when he signs off on the terms of service for iTunes. The episode that got everyone talking about South Park was probably “You’re Getting Old” which many felt was an analogy to South Park’s long history and potentially straining storylines, characters and overall creative conscious. In terms of overall hilarity, if you like South Park, then you’ll enjoy Season 15 … and if you don’t literally laugh out loud during A$$ Burgers you have no soul.


The two “6 Days to Air” featurettes which dive into what it takes to pull off a South Park episode. It was actually a pretty entertaining and interesting look which shows it’s not just two dudes doing funny voices and some magic-fingered animator plugging away … it’s a really big, well planned production. The mini-commentaries are decent and the deleted scenes aren’t really anything special. If you’re a big fan of the series, then the two featurettes are well worth watching.

Audio & Video Quality

The show is captured in 1080p resolution, shown in 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio along with digital surround sound, so frankly, it’s far and away better than watching this on TV. South Park on Blu-ray is just the way to go, hands down, being better than what you see on TV and light years ahead of the DVD experience.

Overall Impressions

South Park Season 15 on Blu-ray was a great way to get back into the series after skipping out on Season 13 and 14 which I heard weren’t the finest in SP’s history. On it’s own merit, Season 15 was chalk full of big laughs and good episodes. The extras definitely delivered, although there weren’t too many. The audio and video quality of the Blu-ray set was really good, so overall, if you’re a fan of South Park it’s hard to imagine passing up this Season 15 collection.

Overall Ratings – South Park Season 15 (Blu-ray)





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