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Soul Calibur V Preview

/ May 29th, 2011 No Comments

Soul Calibur V has been announced by Namco and is widely expected to be unveiled at the upcoming E3 2011 convention in Los Angeles. Not a lot is known about Soul Calibur V just yet, but to say that gamers are highly interested would be a bit of an understatement.  Arguably one of the better fighting franchises, many are saying that this will take the franchise a bold step forward, although, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of proof (yet) to back that up.  Most gamers were disappointed with the third installment in the Soul Calibur series and the reviews on Soul Calibur IV were mixed at best. We have seen solid titles in this franchise as Soul Edge, Soul Calibur and Soul Calibur 2 offered enough excitement and revolution to the fighting genre that they all still remains a favorites with a large number of gamers.

The debut trailer that appeared earlier this month on G4TV definitely caused a buzz in the industry, which started all the chatter about the development of this game.  We’re told that “a new chapter unfolds on the stage of history…” and that the game will be released in 2012 for Xbox 360 and also on PS3. Outside of the 90 second trailer that had nothing but fancy rendered animations and no actual gameplay, there’s been nothing of real substance seen outside of the churning rumor mill.

Soul Calibur V Preview

What we have heard is that this newest installment in the series will take place 17 years after SC IV.  With Siegfried pushing 40 and the rest of our cast of characters aging as well, it’s definitely time for some new blood.  This leads us into the game’s new protagonist Patroklos.  He is the son of Sophitia and has a similar style of fighting, but will certainly be unique in his own way.  Developers are quick to point out that setting the game so far from the last installment makes it easier to incorporate a new battle system and to introduce a number of new characters while still leaving room for the old favorites as well.

Soul Calibur V developers have also promised that gameplay and fighting will be much more fluid in SCV than in the previous installments, which after the last two titles, is certainly a welcome change.  It felt like SC III and IV were more about upgrading graphics and cashing in on gimmick characters than anything else, while SCV looks like a return to the roots of the franchise.  This is certainly a desperately needed change if the franchise hopes to keep fans of the series buying.  Another lackluster entry into the series may well spell doom for the Namco series, although SCV looks like it is putting that fear to rest.  It’s also been widely rumored that in this new edition of the game, guest characters from other games will make appearances, although no specifics have been confirmed.

All gamers have to go on until E3 is the teaser trailer released by Namco which is available on the Soul Calibur website and on YouTube.  It’s in this video that we get our first look at Patroklos, as well as what looks like some early renders of characters of the game.  The trailer is certainly short, but we get a glimpse of Siegfried and Nightmare as well as the swords that have given these games their names.  In fact, the trailer even alludes to the merging of these two weapons, although whether that was just a trick of the graphics and the hope of eager fans or something that will play out will remain to be seen until the game hits the shelves.

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Dan Culver

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