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Skyrim PS3 DLC Passes U.S. Certification

/ Feb 1st, 2013 4 Comments



It looks like Bethesda is in the final stages of releasing the Skyrim DLC for PlayStation 3.

Bethesda Game Studios‘ tweeted on Jan. 30 “PS3 1.8 Update and all 3 DLC have passed Sony America cert . We’re also finalizing certification for EU. Waiting to hear the exact dates.”

Soon PS3 players will have an official announcement for the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC.

Since June 2012, PS3 players have been awaiting the arrival of Skyrim DLC to their consoles. Controversy built up as the wait extended from weeks to months with little explanation or information from Bethesda. PS3 players became enraged at the lack of concern from Bethesda and many vowed never to purchase the DLCs should they become available or even purchase future Bethesda games. Pete Hines of Bethesda tried to quell anger by asking fans to be patient and stay optimistic, yet their wait continued. With this latest tweet from Bethesda it seems PS3 gamers will soon (perhaps by next month) have release dates for DLC and gamers may possibly begin forgiving Bethesda. Until the official, concrete release dates are unveiled by Bethesda, though, PS3 owners may be wary of and distrust this latest news.

[adsense250itp]Once released PS3 players will have access to all three Skyrim DLCs. The Dawnguard DLC introduces vampires to the treacherous Nordic lands. New enemies, skills, and weapons are included in the positively reviewed DLC. Dawnguard previously cost $20. PS3 players have demanded discounted prices (or even free) DLC due to their wait.

Hearthfire is a much smaller DLC that allows players to build their own mansions and adopt children. Domestic life is good with Hearthfire and the DLC previously sold for $5.

Dragornborn, the most recent Skyrim DLC, is more of an expansion pack than downloadable content. The island of Solstheim is opened for players with over 30 new locations to discover. New enemies, quest lines, characters, items and many other features are included in the Dragonborn expansion. The Dragonborn expansion also cost $20.

It has also been announced through the PlayStation Blog that the DLC will be 50 percent off during the launch week on the PlayStation Network. Though the discount period is severely short, it is a surprising show from Bethesda (or a big grab at some much needed good faith). In the past, some PS3 owners had suggested receiving exclusive items and perks as an apology for Bethesda’s poor handling of the DLC debacle. Though nothing too special is being done for Sony faithful, the discount is certainly great for those already planning to purchase the DLC. The 1.8 patch and DLC certification by Sony is a sign that this difficult journey should soon be over.

Update: This morning Bethesda updated their official blog with the release dates for the three Skyrim DLCs on the PS3. Dragonborn will be out Feb. 12, Hearthfire Feb. 19, and Dawnguard Feb. 26. It looks like the wait is finally over.

Rachel Gray

Rachel Gray

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Rachel Gray
Rachel Gray

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  • TwinstripeUK

    It’ not ‘unclear whether PS3 players will still have to pay for the content or will receive them at a discounted price’ at all – it has already been confirmed that each DLC pack will be available at a 50% discount during the first week of its launch.

  • Charlie

    “As for now, it is unclear whether PS3 players will still have to pay for the content or will receive them at a discounted price.” Bethesda said on the official Playstation Blog that each DLC would be 50% off for the week of their release.

    • We’ve updated the article – we didn’t want to report the discount until we could 100% confirm it. Believe it or not we try to research these facts before we publish them! 🙂

  • Derek

    Well the wait isn’t officially over, we still have to wait two weeks for Dragonborn, which we haven’t waited for that long anyway. I am happy now though that they have a release date and a discount, although I feel they could have done a little better on the discount. I’m not going to complain about it, and I’m happy with it, but it maybe would have been better if they improved it.

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